First day of school outfit?

Ok I know a few people have already asked this question but What should I wear on the first day of school? Im a preppy girl. I like Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Wet Seal, Agaci, etc. I want to make a lot of friends this year and so I dont want to look like im trying to hard or look like im going punk or anything. I cant wear skinny jeans :( cause my calfs are so musclular. Remember PREPPY!

Should I wear a simple babydoll shirt with a cute cami. A sweater with a cami? I really want to look good. Casual ? Dressy? Its my FIRST day of high school! Give me specifics. Im going to go get a few shirts today including the one im going to wear on the first day!

O ya ill descirbe myself. I have brown hair, im 5’ 5’’ 120 pounds, athletic body. Green eyes.

P.S Extra question! If I wear a cute graphic tee and a vest with some dangle earings and flats will I look like im trying to go punk or will I look trendy and still preppy?

Answer #1

im scared about my first day of high school too!!! I thought I was the onlii 1 2 lol. buu I think that you should juss dress the most cofortable and you should show off those legs with some nice shorts and a babydoll shirt with your hair loose and straght with a piece tied up with a clip and some bangels and some cute little flats. YEA I LIKE THIS A LOT>>> get some cute earings from claires if you want and juss look cute and perkey how ever you act regularly…hope dis workss

Answer #2


Um I don’t think your p.s. is the best idea for a first day of high school. Basically, you want to fit I would go with a cute babydoll and a cami.

You know you love my advice,

Answer #3

well, I already have mine I’m thinking of skinny jeans,high top converse,black and purple studded belt,this gir shirt my bestie bought me and,little bow clips (the ones they sell at hot topic), a choker,and this hoodie I got from zumiez…oh yeah lol I got everything from hot topic but the hoodie…xD

Answer #4

You will NOT look punk in the vest outfit. You’ll look rockin’!!! You should wear converse and a pair of jeans with it. Hope this helps!!!

Answer #5

I’m also gonna be a freshman but I have NO IDEA what to wear…I’m not gonna be too dressed up b/c then I’ll look like the freshman who tried too hard, not very good. My older Brother’s gonna be a sophomore but he’s no help, he doesnt care he’ll prob say a normal tee and addidas shorts. I love to be preppy and dress nice but I don’t want to be over the top. I think a cute shirt/dress/babydoll type thing with leggings or maybe a jean skirt would look cute. The leggings would show your curves but wear the cropped at the knee kind because its pretty hot out, Last year I wore long leggings and it sucked. I also think some jeans that are nice with a white cami and a long cardigan (Airy, not something to make you sweat) would be cute with a pendant necklace would be a killer outfit…GOOD LUCK IN HS!!!

Answer #6

my first day of high school is in like 3 days cause its a private school or whatever, our dress code is a little more modest than public however, I am preppy too so heres what I did: abercrombie button down checkered gray red and blue shirt that ties at the bottom with an aeropostale blue cami that has three buttons (trust me the buttons are everything) a gray soft material skirt and white leggings with gray or blue flats (ps. dont button the shirt tie it at the bottom, it puts your own unique style on it) good luck! class of 2013! (dont buttons

Answer #7

I’m in your same situation!! First things first be yourself and I’m sure you will make lot’s of friends! Next I am also PREPPY =) I like Forever21 they have some cute clothes and jewlery I think you should wear a long dressy shirt or short dress with leggings and then some cute flats and some jewlery with a foundation makup and purple eyeshadow and then some lip gloss with lots of masscara!!! And then paint your nails with bight colors or wear fake nails! and wear some great purfume !! BE YOURSELF!!!

Answer #8

I completely get your question. I thought I could tell you what I’m wearing, because we seam quite alike. I’m going to wear True Religion Jeans ( Quite the investment, but I’ll wear them everyday. ) Basic auburn brown ballet flatts and a light white tunic from urban outfitters. I Also have a cute little short sleeved cardigen from hollister, check it out -

:) paired with some not to heavy make up - ie - Light bronzer ( gives that summer vibe ), Mascara, Lip gloss, and silver bangles!

OH and the most important thing I’ve learned about first days of schools, GO ALL out,

  • nails
  • hair
  • and Guys ALWAAAYYYS love it when their girl wears sexy purfume - For instance I have some cheap bath and body works mist, and it works like a charm !

and user above is so right - BE YOURSELF , it’ll pay off in the long run!


best of luck to the both of us for our first day’s of high school ! ; )

and the whole friends thing - I’m going to a new high school too , and I’m scared out of my pants.

Answer #9

Hmm. I Would Say Get Stonewash Jeans As Tight As You Can.. And Match Them With A Dark Blue Or Black Babydoll.. That’s Cute. And Then Some Black Flats With A Bow Or Something. And Straighten Your Hair. Wear Cute Bracelets And Maybe A Classy Necklace. Like A Silver Chain With A Heart Or Something. Be Cute :)

Answer #10

im gonna be a junior this year. but my freshman year I remember exactly what I wore. a white teeshirt, colorful belt, and demin skirt and green lowtop converse becuase green was mostly in the belt. I wouldnt say im preppy, but I like to look cute. the thing more important then your first day outfit is that you dont dress up to much and for the first two weeks look cuteish its not like you JUST dressed up for the first day. then you can throw in sweats every now and then and by last semester youll be in basketball shorts and tank tops everyday. trust me. highschools just not that cool. get good grades! :) wish you luck.

Answer #11

well the way you make friends is not how you dress its how you act but well umm lol haha im a dancer and I really cant were skinny jeans because of my legs and you should mayb have a baby dol shirt but with a lots of color’s and dont were flats get a pair of good DC’s

Answer #12

dont dress up to much. your a freshman, so the only ones who will notice you are other freshman, and youve most likely gone to school with them for like, ever.

the babydoll sounds good, I love how some girls are like all hottopic and crap, your preppy for goodness sake lol, not punk. my advice for outfits on high school are get some key pieces, and then a lot of really cute pieces from somewhere like forever 21, you can play around with pieces to make multiple different outfits then.


Answer #13

ok well to start off im total emo but my friends can be sooo preppy. try a pink or baby blue collared top with ruffled sleeves. then tight jean capris and some like black or silver flats with a like ribbon in your hair totally cute and preppy.

Answer #14

I’m gonna be a freshman to but my brother is going to be a senior. so he kind of told me what to wear. freshman day I’m just going to wear shorts with a bring tshirt so I look fun, but still cute… the day when everyone is at school which will be my second day I’m gonna wear a jean mini with a white tank that has cool designs. flats or flip flops. head bands are really in so you should try to get some with cute patterns.. best of luck :)

Answer #15

punk?? honey, none of that is punk. but please DONT wear hollister shirt, hollister pants, hollister shoes, hollister whatever in one outfit. tacky tacky tacky and it just reads I’M A FRESHMAN

Answer #16

I’m going into my 3rd year of college and my best advice it to be comfortable. Wear something that is cute and girlie but atthe same time somthing you’ll fell like yourself in. It’s your first day of highschool you’re going to be nervous enough without worrying about acting a part. Don’t be too dressy because then you will look like you’re trying too hard. You’ll find that most of the senior girls will wear jeans or soffe shorts and a shirt nothing too crazy it’s your first day of highschool not your senior prom. DON’T WEAR ANYTHING SPARKLY! And don’t wear the exact same outfit you saw on display somewhere chances are that other people will have seen it too and you’ll look like you’re trying to fit in. If I were you I’d wear your favorite jeans (every girl has a fav pair) and a cute t-shirt in a bright color like pink or baby blue

Answer #17

well. its my first day of high school, and I would love to wear jeans…or pants, but its undoubtedly gonna be really hot..or warmish. warm enough to make wearing pants uncomfortable. I think with your build you could wear low sneakers, like low top converse, with an anklet, [maybe a friendship bracelet? very 7th grade, but still cute]. match that with a denim skirt or shorts to show off your legs and your babydoll. I myself am still desperately seeking an outfit, but I wish you the best of luck as we both enter high school. freshman, future class of 2013

Answer #18

well, I’m an upcoming freshman too, and am excited! I think that if you have lowtop converse it’d be great to wear them. I can’t personally wear pants because it’ll probably be a bit too warm, but you can def. wear a pair that show off your curves with flats or converse. I would suggest wearing low tops with an anklet [a friendship bracelet? very 7th grade but stilll. cute. charming] a denim skirt or shorts to show off your legs? and then your baby doll wear a simple pendant, it’ll work well with a baby doll wish you luck as we both become freshman of the future class of ‘13!

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