Do you think firefighters were right to let a home burn to the ground because the owners didn't pay the annual fee?

Homeowners who didn’t pay the annual $75 fee stood by watching firefighters do nothing to save their home.

Is this just a way to make an example of those who don’t pay their fees, or should the firefighters have done something despite the arrears?

Read about it:

Answer #1

not right to let a home burn to the ground because the owners didn’t pay the annual fee

Answer #2

the firefighters should have done something , they could always make them pay later you dont nedd to let everything they own burn

Answer #3

Really a tough call. I didn’t read the latest story but know about similar ones in the past. Although my heart has compassion and says yes, fight the fire and save the home. On the other hand, you have other members of the community who paid the fee and might be upset and think “why did I even pay?” The situation could very well be trying to set an example, HOWEVER, if people are trapped inside, I would hope that human decency and the sense of right and wrong would take over and the instinct to save them would take place in any case no exceptions.

Answer #4

Would the firefighters have reacted the same if it was their own homes or a relatives home? I think not. Would they have said “Oh wait guys turn the water off, I forgot to pay the fee. Let’s just stand here and watch my things burn”

Answer #5

Its $75 for one year? Talk about a deal. It’s like insurance and the people of the area are notorious for not paying the fee. The most recent case has the lady quoted saying that nearly no one pays the fee in her area. South Fulton isn’t getting taxes from these guys and needs funding to support them, they need to be compensated for resources and they’re doing it like an insurance company. Pay the fee and you’re protected for a year. Don’t pay the fee and take the risk. This risk is widely known throughout all the adjacent towns. People are being stupid. It was this lady’s fault, not the firefighters. It’s like being in a car accident and not having insurance: you don’t get to buy insurance after the fact.

Answer #6

Some things with humans are just instinctive, regardless of bureaucracy. How could it feel right to sit and watch it burn, while checking paperwork? And if it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not.

Answer #7

No one “forgot”. They just didn’t do it. “Oops, I forgot to pay the electric company, I hope they just let me have electricity anyway…”

Answer #8

Ofcourse not! The 2 actions are irrelevant. Not paying your annual fee is an act of a civil nature. Not putting out the fire on purpose is an act of a criminal nature.

Now what if the owners decide to pay the annual fee, who will be responsible for bringing things back to where they were?

Answer #9

I agree with your post. I know volunteer firefighters in the Wisconsin area and have emmense respect for what they do. But these are not firefighters who would stand there and sit by in any situation of anyone in their town needing help. In todays economy, some people can’t even afford their mortgage much less utilities, food, etc…so I don’t see how they can come up with extra monies they don’t have in their circumstance and firefighters penalizing them for it. What if the home next to theirs caught fire? Would they let an entire block burn down acessing who paid or who didn’t? What about animals or a human being, still in the house? What about an explosion as a result of not containing the fire? Your right what they are doing is outright criminal in nature and borarders on extortion tactics.

Answer #10

I agree they do need financial support but the town heads need to find other means to get financial support for it’s firefighters through the town,county, and state.

When I’m called to duty God, Wherever flames may rage, Give me strength to save a life, Whatever be it’s age. Help me to embrace a little child, Before it is too late. Or save an older person from, The horror of that fate. Enable me to be alert, To hear the weakest shout, And quickly and efficiently, To put the fire out. I want to fill my calling and, To give the best in me, To guard my neighbor and, Protect his property. And if according to your will, I have to lose my life, Bless with your protecting hand, My children and my wife.

Where does it say…subject to annual fees?

Answer #11

Wonder how things would have turned out in 911 if those rules applied to the Sears Towers and all those firefighters thought the same way. I feel like it’s a slap in the face to all those who lost their lives and I seriously doubt they were thinking about their finances at the time. It’s a slap in the face to all those firefighters including those who showed up who didn’t work for New York City but came voluntarily from other areas. Just strikes me as another step towards dehumanization.

Answer #12

It wasn’t in their town! These were firefighters from a different town coming over. These firefighters would be using resources on these houses for people that aren’t giving them anything. The people in the big town pay taxes to their firefighters and the neighboring towns don’t. The fire department must recieve funding from these guys somehow. Many people don’t pay them. While non-profit, you have to support to get support.

Answer #13

A better plan would be have the county tax and then subsize the fire department. However, they’re not. The fire department is offering support to the neighboring towns for minimal fees ($75!!!!) and they aren’t taking it. Those people are accepting the consequences.

Answer #14

You obviously didn’t read the story. The lady is quoted saying the she “didn’t think she’d need it”. Of course you don’t think you need it! It rarely happens to people! But it does happen, and paying $75 ($75!!!!!!) is such a small fee to ensure security. The fire department needs all the people in the neighboring towns to pitch in, not just those whos homes actually go in flames. They’d have to charge each family upwards of $2,220. Those people can’t afford that. They don’t even give it as an option. You pay the $75 and you’re covered.

Answer #15

Your right I didn’t read the story because my system wouldn’t pull it up. However the volunteer firefighters I know do service a neighboring area outside the town as well. They do not have these problems. Seems the town heads of both towns, need to work out a different method of support because morally this is wrong.

Answer #16

I think that collecting a fee that you can decide not to pay is the wrong way in the first place.

Firefighters are a necessary asset to every cities infrastructure. They are not optional. Every inhabited place needs them. So they should be payed by tax money. And the municipalities should just collect the tax from every person who owns real estate. Done. If someone doesn’t pay taxes, the state can make them pay.

Answer #17

Evan even if no one forgot it’s still not right if it was your house burning and you didn’t have the money to pay the fee would you like it if they let your house burn?

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