Fingering with a pen

if you finger yourself with a pen, will it hurt?

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ugh yah just use your finger or a frozen bannana in a condom. (you freeze it so it wont be all mushy and groose)

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yes! very unsanitary as well could cut yourself, get an infection etc... plus you prob wouldnt even feel a pen its so skinny. anyway you are only like 12 or 13? you shouldnt be fingering yourself with a pen!

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depends on the pen, really. if it's got metal stuff that sticks out, like those things that let you clasp it onto the front pocket of your shirt, I'm sure that ought to snag. maybe you could use one that has a rubber grip but with the top off. I'd make sure to be wet enough to receive the pen if anything.

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Using your fingers is also called masturbating mee210, lol. It's just a specific form of masturbating.

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nooo not a pen! try a carrot or a cucumber - washed with soapy warm water or covered with a condom instead! or a clean new toothbrush is good as well! - use a bit of lube and brush it in circular motions against your clit then insert it in, to stimulate your g-spot! (: now that's a better idea! if you've got an electrical toothbrush... that's even better!

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it's not fingering if it's a pen! it's called fingering because you use your fingers! if you use anything else it's just mast*rbation!

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that is really unsanitary! just use your fingers...but wash your hands first so you dont give yourself an infection!

or if you are that desperate...seriously they make sex toy products specifically for this..that can be cleaned...reused and arent painful!

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ummm probably

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Why would anyone think of putting wood in there viginia. That is just crazy

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