Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I’m 14 and there’s this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt when you get fingered?? What does the girl do when he’s fingering you?? And if he pops my cherry (he said he really wanted to) I know that I might bleed but what does the guy do when I do bleed? Just take out his finger for a bit and then put it back in??

Answer #1

fingering DOESSS not hurt, make sure he only uses ONEEE finger at first though. or else it might hurt until he loosens you up..

and alsoo when you get fingered makeouut or something, it makes it more comfortable for both of you..

the first time I got fingered I started sweating and so did my bestfriend. I think thats just because its something so new to you.

dont worry, youll be fine :)

have fun, hopet his helps!

Answer #2

I think that when he is fingering you, make him feel good by letting him know how good it feels. Moan and act like your really aroused.

Answer #3

“guys love it when you moan or say their name during it” This is true, but the first time I moaned my boyfriend’s name, he stopped because he thought he did something wrong or something I didn’t like, haha! Just an amusing side note…anyways, I digress.

Best thing to do is relax and enjoy, if you’re tense, it’ll hurt more. Make sure you’re turned on and wet, get him to stick to the outside lips of your vagina and the clit for starters, in no time you’ll be ready for it. When he does enter, get him to use one finger gently at first. If it hurts, don’t even try two yet. You’ll feel some pressure, for sure, but if it hurts, tell him right away, so he can try something else. It may hurt in certain areas, and may not in others.

While he’s doing that, do what feels right. Kiss him and run your hands through his hair if you like that, or return the favour and put your hand down his pants, hmm? lol

Don’t be afraid to tell him what feels good or what hurts. And don’t be afraid to tell him exactly when to stop. It can get sore after a little while.

One finger might not ‘pop your cherry’, but if something happens and you begin to bleed, it might be so little that neither of you notice, or you might want to stop and try again in a couple days. It’s completely up to you, and if you are uncomfortable continuing, tell him to stop.

If you are sore for a couple days after, that’s normal and I wouldn’t suggest trying again right away until the soreness disappears.

Have fun, be safe, and make sure his hands are clean for goodness sake!

Answer #4

jasmeinklio, you need some help start eating more than a bannana at lunch, if he doenst like you for who you are its not worth it. and I dont see why you need to disclose your weight to him. if it’s private then you shouldnt feel the need to tell him! if when he talks to other girls bothers you, talk to him about it and tell him you dont like that. and do not let a guy finger you and feel your boobs just so he’ll like you.its natural and it will happen when the time is right. Dont lie to make yourself feel better. hope this helps

I agree with this dont lie to make a guy feel good…im a guy and when my girlfriend lied to me about her weight sayin she was 110 and I found out that she was 146 it hurt me because she lied…then again sounds like the dude your with is a total asshole it he does that…u see? it looks as if hes going to rap e u! find someone who likes you for WHO you REALY R…h ell my girlfriend used my cousin to get to me and when I saw who she realy was I fell head over heals in love with her…hope dis helped

chaos is power, pyrofire666

Answer #5

Well when i was seeing dis lad i was only 12 when he fingered me for the first time but hey i reaslly didnt know what he was doing and i dont fink he did either it hurt me because he went really deep and i was bleeding for quite a while but now i luv it because it makes you realax and feel so good about yourself

Answer #6

okey my decision on letting a guy fingering me was a good choice,he is my best friend…we started off kissing…then moved on to touching and after his finger was wet from touching, he slid it in it didnt hurt…it felt good…and truthfully it mad me want more of him…so do WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT…if your not ready,then dont…just dont be nervous, and ask him to stop when it hurts,just dont be afraid to tell him what feels good and what doesnt

Answer #7

No it doesnt hurt at all it turns me on soo much but for my first time it kinda hurted cause it wass so tight, and during it I usually kiss him

Answer #8

First off you must be ready and make sure your pretty serious with this guy! when I got fingered it was wit a guy that I wasnt even wit , so for me it wasnt as pleasuable then I suppose it would be if you were wit someone you loved! it doesnt hert but if they go to fast or there figures are realy rough then it could it just depends on how tight you are! you may bleed but most of the time you dont while being fingured! good luck be clean and be ready!

Answer #9

aww lol just like when i first fingered my girlfriend… im 16…don’t be nervous about it. my gf is very shy so i had to make sure she was calm and relaxed before starting and when i did start…well…what he should do is work his way to fingering you and actually penitrating you but should start by rubbing the area outside your vaginal opening… remember hes doing this to make you feel amazing…at least he should be…anyway just relax and enjoy it i know my gf did. :D

Answer #10

ok I got fingered my boyfriend for the first time last week. and like I don’t know he was kinda ruff and stuff but it felt good because he was like kissing me too..he used two fingers and went in deep and stuff and it hurt a lil at first but then it felt AMAZING and I didn’t bleed. so I don’t think you should worry about bleeding. and if you think your ready you should deffinetly go for it:D it is alott of funn :DD

Answer #11

for one thing that boy doesnt really like u…if he really wants to finger u..then thats not love..thats just releasing his sexual esires for you mamazz…but no it doesnt hurt at feels goood…losing your virginity is another thing though…it hurts like a B* I dint bleed ..only like 2 drops of blood…just make sure both of you ar protected because that boy seems experienced…u dont wanna catch anything on your first time

Answer #12

okay, well im thirteen and was fingered by my boyfriend.. and it feels amazing.. :))) but he started getting really rough and then it started to hurt.. the girl just lays there. and no he doesnt take his finger out he keeps going unless you tell him to stop.

tonight I actually got fingered and I went to the bathroom after he left and I had bleed really bad. so I freaked out got home on my computer and googled what it meant.. -I just told him to stop. and he did.. just dont worry.

Answer #13

just lick him or let him lick you were ever you want him 2. when my boyfrnd fingered me it felt good. you need 2 make sure that your both horny. My boyfriend licks my boobs its very relaxing. We do it naked. you can grab his d*ck men luv it. or play wit it. u’ll have fun if your turned on.

Answer #14

4 some girls it will hurt

talk dirthy to him and kiss him

Answer #15

when the guy starts I usually feel a litttle lightheaded is that normal?

Answer #16

Well … I can tell you are really confussed about this whole thing and so was I. My boyfriend fingered me for the first time last weekend (Friday). It depends …if he has fingered a girl before you he should know what he is doing…but if he is like my boyfriend and its his first time too… it different…it didnt hurt me but I told him to start slow and not that deep…he was sweet ad asked if he was going to fast or to slow or deep or not deep enough… so it can hurt if he does it to fast or goes to deep for your first time.

Now about what your supposed to do …my boyfriend and I kiss well he was doing it …it helped me and him both relax.

See I always thought I would bleed but I didnt it he only uses one finger which you probably only want him to for starters…your shouldnt bleed cause its not going to be rough but then again you may still have an intact cherry …so before he does it let him know that you might bleed…talk to him before he does it1

I hope this helped you at leasta little bit


Answer #17

1st of all. you cant get your cherry popped on a fingering. kiss your boyfriend, snog eachother with passion, let him feel your breasts and stroke your lady garden from the outside of your pants, feel his penis and that should turn you both on. your lady garden will become very wet, this makes it very easy for a guy to slip his finger in you, you will feel nothing but pleasure in what he is doing, he will excite you and your heart will race, your natural instincts will make you clench your lady bits to accept his finger and squeeze his finger while it’s inside of you. He may even try 2 fingers when you get very turned on. God I remember years ago when this happend to me and it was awsome. I love being fingered sometimes more so than a penis. No it does not hurt you if your fingered. it will only hurt you if you are very dry below. if you are dry below lick your finger and put it around your lady garden, on the lips and poke yrself, this will start you off. Have fun…

Answer #18

My boyfriend just fingered me, trust me when I say its amazing I mean it. Just let him play with your breasts while he’s doing it. Thats what I do and he loves it. Moaning is really good too.

Answer #19

Girl , if its your first time ask him to go slow and speed up the pace after a while- if he respects you he will do it.

Its some thing natural and just enjoy the moment, but dont lie there doing nothing because he might think that he isnt satisfying enough.Try moaning or breathing deeply and heavily or just start touching him.

Answer #20

for me, it didnt hurt. it felt amazing when my boyfriend did for the first time. but it varies, some women have a thicker hymen than others, or some don’t have one at all.

you can do pretty much anything. you can kiss, makeout, or you can just sit there and enjoy. my boyfriend kisses my neck when we do it.

Answer #21

Kissing is good because it makes you relax, and if he doesn’t go to deep and your not to tight then it shouldn’t hurt too much after your first time its better an du no how to react and stuff, or if your one of those people who is calmed by talking then jst talk but quietly and preferably about somethign relevant not absolute nonsense.

do what seems comfortable. I usually close my eyes and kiss him and I quite often end up opening my eyes suddenly because it fells really good so this lets him no, but jst do wotevea is natural for u.

Answer #22

when I first got fingered it hurt like a fukin bich dude mo fuker had some long fingers, it dont hurt any more but thats prolley because im just loose as a goose, but anyway, iunno do what you feel like doing, when me and my boyfriend are fukin around I like for him to bite my neck and sh*t


Answer #23

well my boyfriend has done it to me for awhile now and we usually just kiss while he does that to me, I used to just let him do it to me, when we first started but then when I got more comfortable I started playing with him too.

Answer #24

Well I’m gne to answer your quistions and I’m a guy but the only time fingering hurts is when a dude has long nails and if your not wet plus if your tight. And what to do while your being fingered iz to moan guy luv it when girls moan.and yes you will bleed if your cherry iz poped and he will just pull out and then wipe the blood off. And if he finger you it might lead to sex

Answer #25

At first, fingering hurts pretty badly. After a while though, it starts feeling amazing. A myth about “cherry popping” is that massive amounts of blood with pour out. Actually, the hymen tears over time. You may notice some spotting in your underwear, but usually that is the extent of it. As for what to do during it, I am usually on top when it happens. I squeeze his back really hard (but not on purpose LOL) and don’t really have time to think about what to be doing. To make this short, go for it. It gets really good. (:

Answer #26

if your dude is good enough at fingering you won’t have the breath to think about what to do during the act ;) :)

Answer #27

sometimes it can feel better than actual intercourse!! It’s awesome!!! :)

Answer #28

get hime to lick your snapper its better

Answer #29

I personally don’t like getting fingered. I’d rather pleausure him at the same time I am. that why sex is uhh-mazing.

Answer #30

it doesnt hurt.. it feels amazing actually

Answer #31

No fingering doesn’t hurt if your boyfriend is gently with you and if it does start to hurt tell him to stop and when my boyfriend finger’s me I just kiss him and look into his eyes if he’s looking at me. Its really enjoyable and u’ll love it but if you think it doesn’t feel right then don’t do anything you don’t wanna do.

Answer #32

you have to be wet if your not, it will hurt, if you are, it will be smooth and if he pops your cherry, youll probly want to be done for the night at that point

Answer #33

well when me and my boyfriend have sex and he always dose that to get me turned on ok well when he first did that he already new how to do it any ways yeah it didnt hurt me it really felt good and what I did was just lay down and really injoy it its a good feeling it actully makes you moan and you get really turnd on!!

Answer #34

honestly, getting fingered by my boyfriend was the best decision I have EVER made. I was really really self concious about it at first, but when I let him do it, it felt as if we were closer. and it’s a great feeling to feel closer. and it’s a great feeling to have his hands be down there ; ]

Answer #35

Well I Was Really Worried At First, And My First Time It Being Done To Me Was Only The Other Day. If You Just Relax And Not Be Tense Whilst Hes Doing It, Then It Should Be An Enjoyable Moment. All People Are Different, With Some It Can Hurt And Some It Doesnt, But If He Uses Just 1 Finger Its Usually Fine And You Wont Bleed. I Wasnt To Sure What To Do While He Was Doing It, But Either Just Laying There Or Kissing, Both Are Perfectly Fine. But At Any Point If Your Unsure Or Not Comfortable Just Tell Him :) x

Answer #36

so m and my boyfriend have been going out for more than a year now and he fingered me recently and he was sooo good and it didnt hurt but it depeneds on you mostly, guide his hand with urs and be sure to let him know when its starting to get uncomfortable NEVER LET A GUY IN UNLESS your WET !!! let him start on the outside of your pants and work his way in this way you get stimulatee and have the opportunity to get wet if your still not wet ask him to lube his fingers

as for what you should do while hes down there: try to stay close to him or have some contact - massage his d**k but be sure to remember your trying to get pleased so keep it minimal.

Answer #37

deffo defoo get off/make out while he was doing it, I made the terrible mistake of not doing this and I just kinda looked at him, and it got really awkward and I didnt enjoy it and because we werent kissing and he could really see my facialy exppressions he knew I wasnt enjoying it much and stopped, but I wanted him to go on, cause it would of got better towards the end, he didnt do it for long enough, and while your kissing him if you breathe quite heavy it will let him know your enjoying it and he might put more effort into it jut to really tip you off the edge hahaa, if you feel comfortable with it, you could give hima hand job while he’s doing it to you so you both get pleasure out of it, good luck have fun :) stay safe lol

Answer #38

Well first off, make sure his hands are clean! You really don’t want an infection from a dirty boys hands! Girl! you are 14! wow, I didn’t start til I was 15, but then again I did go all the way. Make sure your %100 ready. As well as responsible.

As far as bleeding goes. I dont think thats a factor. Unless hes going with more then 1 finger.

Make sure you have some kind of lubricant. Don’t take it dry. Usually, people would make out. I would suggest you just take in the experience and really see if you like it. The whole fingering experience is for the females enjoyment! So go ahead and enjoy!

The whole point of fingering is to erouse the female and open her up before sex. Not just to finger her and stop. But once again, know exactly what you want out of it. If you feel at all uncomfortable,or it hurts, don’t be affraid to say “STOP”!

Answer #39

my first time fingering a girl was when i was 13 and she really did enjoy it at first we were kissing then she started grabbing it and i think it was as great of a felling as it was to me. I told her if she wanted me to stop just say so, i think everything was fine because she didn’t tell me to stop.( If your a guy) first start slowly and out side her p*sy and make your way in if she doesn’t like it respect her and give her some space


Answer #40

when i got fingered for the first time the lad i did this with used 2 fingers, he’s was nice a slow going in but it hurt a little too as he went in, but when he was fingering me it didnt hurt it felt so good(: and when your being fingered and if it hurts just tell the lad to stop they normally do, and when i got fingered i just moaned and said the lads the name it give you something to do son its not akward:) and always make sure your wet befor you do let him finger you, it feels nice(:

Answer #41

I did it for the first time tonight. Trust me it hurts like a beotch. Make sure that if it hurts, you tell that boy! I didn’t even hesitate haha. Make sure you go as far as you want, not as far as he wants. If youre not ready for anything else and he asks, be honest, he’ll understand.

Answer #42


Answer #43

ok what

Answer #44

ok what

Answer #45

ok what

Answer #46

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Answer #47

It shouldn’’t hurt. Just lay back and enjoy… I like to take things fast too, but just remember to use your head, heart, and judgment…not just your hormones. Have fun :)

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