How do you finger yourself?

Well I want to finger myself but I don’t really know how. What should I use, and will it hurt?

Answer #1

there is lots of things I do. rubbing your clit is nice way to start, when you are wet stick two fingers in there with the other hand while still rubbing your clit in circles it feels sooo good and a good toy is the handle of your hairbrush it feels better than fingers and you have more room to rub your clit

Answer #2

the best advice I can give you is to get a BOB [battery operated boyfriend] aka vibrator :] or a shower head that comes off :D or your hand lol and see what feels good rub your clit or stick your fingers inside and you’ll get better just practice! Have fun!

Answer #3

First of all make sure you’re alone and comfortable.

Strip naked and go take a shower, explore your body, touch yourself to see what you like and where. If you want to let your mind wander and fantasise, go ahead. Watch how your body changes as you touch yourself - I’m not talking about going straight for the jackpot, explore your WHOLE body!

When you’re done in the shower go get comfortable somewhere with a hand mirror and look at yourself, all over and when you’re ready, look at your genitals. Explore yourself and watch how you respond, go with the flow, don’t do things that don’t feel good and do the things that do.

Don’t set a deadline or start it with the sole intention of orgasming, it might not happen but if it doesn’t so what…it will one day! You’ve got to learn what works for you, what stimulates your body AND mind. And once you’ve worked that out you’ll be able to pleasure yourself without fear or confusion and better still you’ll be able to teach your partner how as well!

And as for Cuatis…masturbation isn’t wrong or gross and is a perfectly normal, natural expression of oneself.

I suggest you learn a bit about your body as well, you can’t expect any partner to ever know how to please you sexually, if you don’t know yourself now can you!

Answer #4

hahaha. ya I came on here asking myself the same question lol. I do the usual finger stuff, and think about my drop dead sexy boyfriend (BIG TURN ON)… I love him sooo much… I just suck at pleasuring him… can anyone help me?

Answer #5

I masturbate myself by rubbing my clitoris…but the best I use are the electric toothbrush or the body masage machine its perfect than to have sex…

Answer #6

for me fingering myself is better because you can do what you want to do! a guy does whatever he would do with his dick. doing it yourself you can put the “dick” where YOU want to!I just use my finger and put wherever feels good! or I just rub if idon’t feel like taking the time! Have fun little one! because I’ve been doing it for years and havn’t told a soul!(except everyone who reads this!)yikes! well anywayz, Luv ya hun!

Answer #7

I normally just stick two in my puss, then bend them… it feels SO F*cking good!!! and… I’ve used a hairbrush handle… that felt better… it all depends on what you can handle… and I want to try a vibrating thing, but I dont have any… =/ anyone have any ideas??

Answer #8

There are plenty of ways to mastrubate and finger yourself.

Lay on your back, you can be naked or wearing really loose clothes. start rubbing and squeezing your boobs and nipples with one hand while slowly reachign down with the other. imagine that a guy (whoever you want) is doing these things to you.

Rub your clit back and forth with 2 fingers, try it light, hard, fast, and slow. different things will feel better at different times. if you want you can stick something up your hole, either your other hand or a marker or something.

Make sure whatever you stick up there is clean! keep rubbing your clit while you push your fingers/object in and out until you cum. you can also try getting one of those handheld vibrating back massager things and holding it and rubbing it on your clit, try different positions with that.

You can put something hard on a pillow and cover it with a towel, then you can ride it like its a guy. or you could lay in the shower and aim it right at your clit, it feels really good then you only have to rub for a few seconds to cum. also you could lay in a shallowtub that is still running and try to get your clit right under the flow, it feels amazing! good luck, have fun, and just explore your body

Answer #9

u liy down relax open your legs rub your vagina a lil then push your finger in and out then you do 2 fingers then 3
the etc ok. and you can use gloves if you wont.

Answer #10

I can’t orgasim when I finger myself. And I’m 15 I can’t by any toy to use have any suggestions?

Answer #11

Anyone ever hear of the hand sign for “I love you”? Insert your middle and ring finger inside of your snatch after you’ve gotten yourself well lubed. The G-spot is in the region just behind the pelvic bone. By curling your 2 fingers toward your palm, while they’re inside of you, you’re practically imitating the “I love you” hand sign that’ll help you reach that spot. Gently massage, the spot with either a curling in-and-out motion, or if possible, a circular motion to stimulate it. When you feel an orgasm beginning to build, do what feels best- whether it’s more pressure, slower, or faster motion. Personally, for me, almost towards the end of an intense orgasm- I find that I can cum harder and more successfully, by using the same muscles in the vagina, that you’d push a tampon out with, to squirt (easing the fingers out slowly, but with pressure)…that’s female ejaculation.

Answer #12

I just stick my fingers up my croche it doesnt hurt,it feels good

Answer #13

isnt fingering youself wrong? some people think that makes you lonely

Answer #14

omg im afraid to finger myself. I only sticked my fingers up there a little bit then I gave up. I also tried sticking other thingz up there all I felt was pressure. lsnt it sopose to feel good lol like it feels like it doesnt go in that easily. it doesnt make sence I can use a tampon but I cant finger myself. I NEED SOME FIRST TIME FINGERING ADVICE! lol

Answer #15

Its very actually fun sexy and easy,


get naked and wet and messy , and bath/shower is the best. then

get your finger massage your clit then slide your finger gentley slowely up into your vagina. once its in, make sure that your comfy not in pain so you can do it faster and massage in the whole. yummy

Answer #16

if you have a bath tub putting your legs up and letting the water go on your vagina it feels great, what is even better is when your in a hot tub and you have the jet sitting on that and letting it go on and around your vagina feels amazing!! it gives me the best orgasim ever!

Answer #17

First I’d like to say no it dosen’t hurt feels incredible good. Second you spread your legs (nudity is reqired or a dress with no undies) Then you slowly start on your clit(the part that you can see when your looking at it ) rubbing it slowly just to help out a little then you put your finger/s right down there

Answer #18

well I rub my clit for about 5 min. after that I’ wet then I take my middle finger and stick it inside me and I start going in circles.It feels so amasing when I get to my G spot I make a come here movement, but I never seemed to cum.

Can anyone help with that?

Answer #19

this sounds stupid but is this same hole where blood comes out on your period where a man puts his penis and is the clit between your vagina lips

Answer #20

play w/ your self for a little while then when your wet stick 1or2 fingers up your hole if you dont want to use your fingers use a rounded brush handle plesure your self for a while and then u’ll cum and omg it feels so so good

Answer #21

Well what I do is like take a shower touch my boobs and everthing then I’m kinda horny so I get ot I get my video camera and just like film my self touching my boobs and poking and shoving things then I watch it and you know

Answer #22

Well no it dont hurt it feels so good take two fingers and rub them in a circular motion then take two finger and stick them in and out fast

Answer #23

after reading your replys im going to try it I’ve been told if you finger yourself long enough to go. then you will be a betta at sex

Answer #24

well. personally I need to mood set right. and I need to the “urge” otherwise its not as good.

I reccomend finding your own technique I hate the massaging of myself and just like to get straight to the point.

Answer #25

grumpybear that’s disgusting. a pencil? seriously… but just rub the part of you right at the top of the lips, then get yourself excited with that, then take your other fingers and stick then inside your vagina itself, rub softly, and choose the speed you’re most comfortable with.

Answer #26

it depends on how you finger yourself. for starters do it nice and slow in the beginning

Answer #27

It’s NORMAL to masturbate (exploring youself would be fun) just dont abuse it OK! -I was like the other girls before and always feels uncomfortable talkin thing like that but then I got curious at first if you dont feel like doing it but you want to find out badly what to do is: -Tap your vigina till you feel the stimulation -insert your mid finger and rub it on your clit -if a men’s pen!s is hardening so is women’s -you will feel better once it’s starts to release fluid insde (Try to do it while you’re lyin on the floor, Bend a little while doing it ,it’s better) You can play with your n!pp£3 while doing it, wet and rub your nip and THERE you GO

Answer #28

as for the whole fist in your puy?? wow… never tried that before…how do you do that? and the toothbrush…ummm…think im gunna try that =) as for me normally pleasuring myself, I normally take a bit of lube and rub it abainst my cl*t, and when I’m ready for it… I reach for the g-spot (upper wall of your puy - feels like a coin) stick two fingers in there… make “come here motions” and my oh my it feel GREAT!!

off to try the tooth brush =)

Answer #29

welll what I do is I lay down naked either on my bed or floor and I rub my clit and after like 10 sec. im really really wet and I stick mi fingers inside an I do the come-here motion then I go in and out while rubbing my clit the I orgasm I go I the bath tub and I turn on the water and lay down I scootch down till the running water is on my clit and the I open the lips and let the water run on and in me itll I orgasm again and DUDE IT IS WICKED AWESOME=]

Answer #30

in the shower lay down and open vagina it will feel like hands!

Answer #31

ooohhh…sound like fun..I mite do it tonight, is 13 to young??

Answer #32

I forgot to mention that you can use other objects that fit as long as they are sterilized

Answer #33

haha I wish I wasnt pregnant…my doctor advised me not to have sex or touch myself and all that.

Answer #34

depends how ya finger yourself. Most of the time it doesnt hurt

Answer #35

it stupid to do that why dont you get a guy to stick is dick in you it feels better trust me

Answer #36

Okay, a male perspective:

I shouldn’t be in this thread, but here you go anyway… All women are a little different in what they want down there. Some are oversensitive, some need extreme contact (including nipples, probing, rubbing, etc.), and some are just too uncomfortable with this process to enjoy it (which should be overcome if possible to allow themself to feel pleasure without a man to “do it” to them which is good for other parts of the psyche as well). One thing that is pretty universal is the clitoris, but how is the real question. Repetitious movement starting very slow and indirectly is usually a good way to start . Rub the outside of the labia in slow circles around the clitoris until there is sufficient moisture to apply the fingers directly to the clitoris. Orgasms come in all different sizes and so don’t expect to be racked with mind-blowing waves of endorphins or extreme soaking from the vulva every single time. The process should be about exploration and learning your body. So find a nice quiet setting where you can have some privacy and go to town. Good Luck.

Answer #37

I totally agree. masterbating and fingering and the urge to have sex is perfectly normal because im 13.I agree that having your dog lick it is just plain a nasty though it does feel good because they lick my hand and all that and I can imagine that feeling on my puy. to be honest with you, Do Not stick a pen er pencil. that sht is nasty, its just as bad as the dog thing. finger your self if you want, I do that sometimes, or masterbate. but the one that I do most of the time that feels the BEST is sticking the corner of a pillow up my pu*y. it feels sooo great. if you just start rubbing it around and the go deeper and deeper.but have a mirror in your other hand and be relaxedd lie flat on your bed, look into the mirror and stick watever you want to stick up there. but you should reallly try the pillow idea, its amazing

and no you cant get pregnant, you can only get pregnant if a guy does it to you and there it sperm on his hand. but that is possible.

Answer #38

I find the best way to finger myself is getting the end of a hair brush and pushing it up my vagina hole and rubbing my clit at the same time, it feel soo good, it makes me cum with in the firrst 20 seconds and im 14.

Answer #39

i love fucking myself it feels so good ok this is what i do i go on my back and then strock my puy like a cat and then spit on it and then i cum it feels delightful or sometimes i will use something and stick it up my a or pu**y

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