Why did my fingers smell after touching her?

I Fingered my GirlFriend and my fingers smelled afterward, what is that smell? How do I get rid of it?

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hmm. im a bit confused on this subject aslo. I mean I wash and im a very clean person. also I dont have any infections. but it still smells. maybe its just supposed to? idfk.

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ewww gross tell her to wash he vagina

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Yup yup every girl has a smell and it's not nice... Depends how strong the odour is... it also depends in what moment of the day this was, and in what situation... Becasue it can happen that this wasn't after she showered, and that she was doing excercise like running or the weather was hot... etc, and that contributes a lot to those things, so I suggest, so tell her to go on a date at night and she will for sure shower, making her pu*** smell better

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my girlfriends juices have always left a slight smell on my fingers after doing that, but nothing that's terrible. I remember the first time I did; I couldn't wash my hands until I got home and when ever I get home, I'm greeted by my dog, who that day was very curious about that smell and kept hanging off me, trying to lick my fingers; until I washed them.

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she might have a yeast infection;; all girls get that!!!
or just get rid of her and find a clean chick!!!

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every girl has a smell. if you pretend you don't , you're lying

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all girls have a smell... I dont think it's a bad smell but there's still a smell...

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Yes, every girl has a smell but it's usually a sexy aroma. not an odorous stench.

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She may need to wash herself, true, but it could also be some kind of vaginal infection that is giving her a wierd smell. If that's the case, she needs to see a gynocologist. Also, sometimes women will have a stronger odor either before or after their menstrual cycle. If showering or seeing a gyno don't work, then you may just not be attracted to her natural smell!

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that must mean that your girlfriend dont watch herself down their much 2 get rid of it wash your hands a lot

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thats gross.
tell her to wash that shiiit.

im sorry,
just wash your hands a whole bunch.

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A woman's smell depends on the way they wipe. Front to back and all is well. Back to front and that is what she will smell like. Get her to change her wipe habit or you will have shitty eating.

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