How did i get these finger prints on my arm?

I woke up today and everyone at my house noticed these finger print bruises on my arm. I haven't been anywhere or anything, all I did was sleep. My sister came over and put her hand around my arm and the prints line up perfectly as if someone grabbed me. Nobody has grabbed me though, I woke up with it.

My mom wont get off my case, she's like "you better tell me who did this" and I don't know what to tell her because nobody has grabbed me.
I'm confused :(
She usually takes my word but this just doesn't make sense to her and I told her I'd tell her if someone ever grabbed me and she's like "you better tell me"

How do I have these finger marks clearly bruised into my arm as if someone grabbed me, and prints patch up to fingers perfectly?

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We do stuff without realizing it all the time in our sleep... I'm the worst about it, I'll kick or hit myself while sleeping because it's something in my dream... you must've been having a bad dream.

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my cousin had that exactly, and I asked her if her boyfriend did it.
she said they didn't hurt, and when she's out in the sun a lot they come up, and get darker.
there not there all the time, I just see them every once in a while.

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Here's the marks I found on me (twice). After this one healed, another came back that was almost identical. I hope the picture comes out.

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Okay, just click on the link above and you'll see the scratches I got in my sleep. Do you guys think I clawed myself? Keep in mind. It happened again after this one healed.

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It's really likely you did it in your sleep
I've heard of cases where people would wake up with scratches all over themselves. They thought it was paranormal but when they put socks over their hands it all stopped!

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^^ Its regular sized finger marks just really dark and noticeable as if someone grabbed my arm really hard.

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it could have been horse play from a friend? or, maybe in your sleep, you did it?

numerous possibilities

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I grab my arm when I sleep most of the time and it Kinda leaves a mark, but is it a big big mark or something?

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maybe you hurt yourself in your sleep I've done that before
il kicked walls, hit things
once I woke up with three straches on my chest that
were like fine slits
I never know how I got those

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Try to use your other hand and fit it onto the print area. If it's physically possible for you to do it, it's mostly probably that you were grabbing yourself while you were sleeping. It's not that uncommon to happen actually.

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This might sound stupid but maybe you grabbed your own arm in your sleep. Stupid, I know...but it's an idea of where it might of come from.

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katwoman, yes, someone can really do damage to themselves while they sleep. It may been an itchy area (or you were scratching in your dream, or it tickled as a bug walked on that area...), and you scratched it in your sleep, but because you have no total control of how deep or fast you scratch while sleeping, the results can turn out a little horrific.

Also you'd find a lot of these injuries can happen to close, accessible areas like your arms, face, and neck (or your body if you sleep naked). Rarely you'd find it on your back at an area where you have trouble scratching even while awake, or depending on your sleeping position, on your legs.

Keep your fingernails short. You will probably find blood under them when you find scratches like these.

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I know how you feel. Twice I have woke up with scratches on my arm. I have no idea where they came from and the scratches were deep. There's nothing sharp in my bed. If you go to my site, you might be able to look at my questions and see it.
As for your Mom...I think that she can't believe that it could be something from the supernatural world so she thinks someone did it. I don't know what you can tell her. I don't suggest lying to her. Al you can do is tell the truth and hope, somehow, that she will come around. Note: I think mine is called 'What in the world is it?' Something like that.

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it could have been paranormal

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probably a robber

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