How did everyone find or get involved with Funadvice?

Just curious as to what brought us all here as members? For myself I was asking the internet a question and one of the answers was located on FA. Thought the site was interesting and decided to join. I would be interested to hear the responses.

Answer #1

I was looking through Google trying to find answers for a question and I came across the website and thought it looked interesting

Answer #2

i was also trying to search something on google when i see this ‘funadvice’ i opened it and i found that this is actually a best advice site so i made my account,it helped me so i like to prefer it to other people also.

Answer #3

well i hope this doesnt offend anyone! I had just had a run-in with the most obnoxious American on the planet so in my annoyance I googled why are Americans so arrogant… and it came up with funadvice! I would like to clarify at this point that I dont think all Americans are arrogant, I know many lovely American people.

Answer #4

i agree,some are arrogant.

Answer #5

Haha nice one! I agree with that

Answer #6

I stumbled on Funadvice last year because my boyfriend dumped me for a month, so was at home nesting a broken heart (which I deserve) and was reading up a lot about relationships craps on online and saw this thingy, click it and BINGO here I am, glued to the site like a bad smell. You could say, FA was my babysitter for my broken heart. :P

Answer #7

@esconsult1 brought me here to do a test video for the site’s webcam feature. I looked around, had a few people contact me, and I was hooked.

Answer #8

Aww! That’s all I have to say about that. It’s official. Funadvice is the cure for a broken heart

Answer #9

I typed ‘inspiring quotes’ into google and FA came up, ever since that February afternoon many moons ago, I have been hooked :)

Answer #10

relationship question on google with fun advice as one of the top choices.. i was interested so i signed up.

Answer #11

I was finding some cool social websites and I saw FA..I didn’t join at first ‘cause it looked boring but as I was looking for more interesting social sites Funadvice was on a few lists so i decided to join and Im glad I did:)

Answer #12

I was looking up music and stumbled on the site 2 years ago. It’s been a nice experience.

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