Why do I find everyone intolerable without justification and being mean?

For some reason lately, i just find it hard to be nice to people without being nasty or sarcastic, its come from no where and its really hard, it isn’t just with the really pretty girls like usual lately its been with everyone and i get annoyed super easily and can never swallow my pride. Honestly this is teh first time its ever happened but i really don’t like it. It sort of makes me feels like this is the real me in which im dreading.

Answer #1

because they are not well educated on being tolerable.

Answer #2

Because no one IS tolerable and usually they deserve it.

I’m the same. Just go with the flow lol, trust your judgement :P

Answer #3

That’s a good way, actually. Hate everyone, expect the worst from everyone and make exceptions for the few people who deserve it.

That will spare you a lot of disappointments. Be pessimistic about everyone. So no one will ever do worse than you expected. You might get some positive surprises, but they are much easier to deal with than negative.

Answer #4

I could be just teen angst. Many people go through this, and it usually fizzles out without us even noticing. If it is really bothering you that much, you could always talk to a professional. Perhaps there is a counselor at your school you could speak with who could help you sort out your feelings. It couldn’t hurt. It is ALWAYS a good idea to ask for help when you are not feeling comfortable with changes happening with your body and mood.

Answer #5

Stefie. Imma be honest. I dont think that using the excuse because they are not well educated or that they all are not tolerable is right. No one is perfect. and everyone is gonna have flaws. I would never wanna be that girl who is mean to everyone and always has a b!tchy attitude. Makes them look ugly inside and out. Alot of people who are like that think they are better than everyone. and i find that intolerable. People who are sarcastic and always have somethin smart to say get on my nerves bad. Overly nice can be annoying to. But everyone doesnt deserve to be treated like that. Is that how people treat u? If so do u like it. I no my sister is like that. always has somethin smart to say. and it makes her look low,. its as if watever i say is wrong and she is always right. like a cokpetition. and i just blow it off. cuz im not gonna go low like that. like the other day i showed someone my engagement ring. and she said well imma get a 2 carrot ring then started laughin. Yea mine is little but its pretty and i love it. Thats y i got one and she dont. U are a really sweet girl. and i liked u better when u were so nice. i have lost track of u now

Answer #6

it could be just a faze. I hope so. bein sweet is so much more refreshing then hate and attitude

Answer #7

Because they are not me.

Answer #8

it won’t let me liek this D:

Answer #9

Why would you be nice to someone who hasn’t earned it, though?

Answer #10

I agree with you Angel, my friend Cassie takes the exact same stance and she is no more happier than she was 5 years ago. I don’t tell people how they should conduct themselves or if I think they are veering down a wrong path, but she did finally come to me and ask why I have such an even keeled attitude about people that behave like that and how come I don’t treat them in kind. I told her it goes against everything I believe in, people who are negative tend to permeate your own thinking and its better in my opinion to take a high road and not surround yourself with individuals like this…It’s easier to take black or white stance, or do the hard work and refrain from reacting like others, or else you just might become like some of the people you detest.

Answer #11

I never said i didn’t like people because “they weren’t educated” all i said was that for some reason i find it hard to be nice and happy with everyone…

Answer #12

I hear you Stephie, its so much easier to not like people for their attitudes and behavior, but I like to think since you sought answers for this problem, you at the very least recognize you don’t want to end up like them…and I really think that Angel and Chartreusechick hot it right on the money.

Answer #13

Oh I understand, I was more agreeing on the advice Angel gave you, and I do hope you can resolve this…I couldn’t really add to the advice or their observations that they gave you, sometimes a females perspective is much better on theses issues than guys can give. My gf for instance, she has helped so much with my own issues and I take great comfort that she is so honest with me that I am thankful that I have her in my life. Sorry if my advice really sucks, again I’m just a dude lol. You have a great evening :)

Answer #14

At your age it’s most likely hormonal. Between the ages of 12 and 15 your body is going to go through a lot of changes and the same hormones that make women bitchy before their period are going to be making you feel like that right now. It will pass. I think most females go through it. As I said in another post recently, just ask anyone who has had the joy of teenage daughters :)

Answer #15

Hey Stefie let me tell you what i think..you are a very nice kind and sweat little girl.its certainly a fase what your going through.the fact that lately you cant be nice with people in here i think its because everyone are in their world.everyone have their own problems,concernes.people dont know how we are feelind inside..so you have this little thing inside you and when something that in your opiniom is rude or whatever you just break out and use bad language..Those things i am saying maybe are false.i dont know you i am just a girl from greece but there is one thing i know for sure that you are a very good person…i hope ive helped….!!

Answer #16

stefie i meant that for some of the other comments. conner: so would u be rude to a baby or an old lady just cuz they havnt earned it. people have to earn for u to be nice to them?? and this is what i mean by people like that think they are better than everyone. are u so special that u cannot be nice to anyone without them tryin to earn it?? not worth it sorry. i say be nice till they lose that priviledge and even then i dont stope down i just brush it off and go about my happy life. they dont deserve to make me unhappy. i am smilin always and its beautiful. should try it u mite be happier

Answer #17

Stefie: Ur an amazing girl. U have qualities people would die for.I dont go on websites like this at all. or talk to ppl i barley no. But i have grown to really like u. I thought u were the most helpful sweet girl. and i think ur gonna make an amazing woman. I hope u realize that. Just remember u surround urself with negative things then all that will come into ur life is more negativity. its common sence. surround urself with positive things and only positive things will come. u no i have always cared for u and im always here for ya.

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