How can I find clients ?

I work from home I’m a beauty therapist I do most of the salon treatments Inc semi permanent eyelash extensions ! And charge less then salons can u help ? Tnx

Answer #1

Best way is word of mouth, maybe get some business cards or something and find places that will allow you to leave a stack. When you get customers ask them if they will please recommend you to friends.

Answer #2

make a face book page, or twitter, there free to use and allot of teens use it. my sister in law uses the local radio station, she is doing a comp with them, getting guys to send a picture of there giflfriends first thing in the morning, once a month they chose a photo and give them a free make over, post it on there facebook page as a befor and after special. apparently they got 50% more customers that way

Answer #3

Thank you I will try that x

Answer #4

Thanks for the advise that’s what I’m doing at the moment.

Answer #5

For more than four years, we ran a consulting business based on referrals. First things first: if you have had clients, ask them for referrals. Make sure every client you get you treat EXTREMELY well, as each client can literally be worth 1-3 more clients, in some cases, even more than that.

Take photos (with their permission) of the work you’ve done, and post them online (again, with permission). Also if you setup a blog, use wordpress, or google, it’s pretty easy, use the photos, tell people to add you, here and elsewhere, and network…keep in mind WHY they’re hiring you. If it’s because you give the same quality treatment but offer it at lower cost, emphasis that…if you’re more experienced or knowledgable, focus on that…keep in mind with business, it’s really hard to have multiple selling propositions. The best ones stick to a single reason that sticks to make the sale.

Also look at local business directory type services, in the US we have citysearch & yelp, those are GREAT for your kind of business, I’m sure there are similar in the UK (eg, online versions of yellow pages, etc). Encourage customers to review your profile there, too, as that’s a really good resource to leverage, and free.

Answer #6

Thanks for all the information you gave me

Answer #7

Don’t be shy - when you’re doing consulting face to face, a photo helps in a big way to sell people. So, like it or not, I always put my photo on my “business profile” on linkedin, which is a pretty handy business networking tool.

You might network with alumni you know from there (eg, high school, college, or similar) that way you can meet more people, and of course, if they read you’re doing beauty treatments, then you might get a client, as they already know & trust you…with something like a hair cut, it’s a HUGE deal, as getting it wrong takes weeks to undo (longer if you’re a woman, imho).

Answer #8

My best advice is as Rachael stated…business cards, fliers & frig magnets are best way to get the word out there it’s free publicity! Mailboxes…cars…I cant tell you how many times leaving your business card flier or magnet in someone’s mailbox /car can be a blessing in disguise. Of course take into consideration that 50% of it will go to the trash, but the other 50% might just hold onto them for a rainy day as I do…I always hang them on the fridge, you never know when you might need something & it’s always good to keep things on hand rather then search for stuff. One day you need a plumber…the next you may need a nail tech…I dont know how many people use the eyelash extensions but definitely need beauty therapists for eye brows or other treatments. Also, I would try some posts in your local area magazines or newspapers! Ask some people you know that have businesses if you can leave a stack of fliers as well, you never know who may be walking in & saying hey I was just thinking about that & take one & call!

I hope some of these were helpful as well… Good luck! ♥

Answer #9

I also forgot to mention a website…when ever you are offering any kind of treatment what so ever it’s a great idea to have a nice banner, and pics of the area where you will be doing this treatment. Its what we call inviting to the eye so they can see that it’s not in this little claustrophobic room. Try taking pics of some of the products with a brief description…it’s what I did for my job(nail tech) back in the day. My ex took pics of all the stuff I used like the products, my implements, my tools & my nail art with a brief explanation as to what I do with the products & it actually helped educate so people knew what they were getting into & the safety instructions. It really helped because people saw that I had nothing to hide & I was offering them what any nail salon would just using the finest products, minus all the loud music & it was based on a one on one experience rather then a room full of strangers making them feel uncomfortable. Hope this helped as well…♥

Answer #10

Yes very use full information thanks.

Answer #11

no problem, glad to have helped!

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