Where can i find an artificial black christmas tree for cheap?

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I don't know where you could buy one but maybe try taking a fake green or white one and just spray painting it black, that the only thing I can think off.

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OMG, I was going to say that! :O Answer stealer! :p Nah, I'm joking, it's okay that you stole my answer. =p

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They have them at Garden Ridge in every color, including black.

get them what???
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Walmart and target both carry them. If they dont have them stocked in the ones in your town check online. We had a black christmas tree last year (we did almost the same theme...it was a mix of nightmare before christmas and other miscellanious skulls and things) and we bought our tree from Target.

Just the trick

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Just curious but you don't have to tell me but why do you want it balck? but I agree with Mandyloo =)

I know I put it off, but . . .
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it just seems like it should be black 2 me! I cant imagine jack skeleton on a regular green tree! The lights are white and all the decorations go better with a black color base!

crimbo :D

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Ah o.k never mind

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ask mandyloo she said she has one

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is that weird? lol

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