How do you find out who you are at the age of 13?

Answer #1

what do you mean

Answer #2

Generally, you find out who you are throughout your teenage years. Live, and learn.

Answer #3

well, I dont know who i am.. like my personality, my style, my anything. i dont know what i like..and who i am

Answer #4

well, its hard. i just turn 13 in march.. and fixing to be 14 in a few months.. its really hard of what i like.. but i know where im going when i older. but i dont know who i am suppose to be.

Answer #5

You have no idea what you are at this point in your life. It takes time.

Answer #6

at the age of thirteen many are young i really dont think at that age you really dont know who you may began to think of who you want to become how you want to be.

Answer #7

okay well im sixteen and i still have no idea what im going to be or do so dont worry about it, your still young and have plenty of time to figure out who you are, 13 is a hard age but you’ll find out eventually

Answer #8

well, its kinda frustrating.. i dont know which crowd of people i should hang out with. the crazy people or the normal kids.. i am sure i am not going down the wrong path like.. smoking and drinking thats not me i know that. but since you are old enough did you find out who you were?? or are you still searching?

Answer #9

Aha, you don’t, You’ll find little pieces of yourself as you keep going on through your teenage years. I’m still finding myself (:

Answer #10

thank you for answering(: i will try to find who i am through the very little years of teenager hood.

Answer #11

well, i just dont know. who i am. like, style, and personality.

Answer #12

thank you. well i do know what i want to be. but it usually changes about every year. this year i want to be a makeup artist.. last year i wanted to be a professional singer.. and i am a singer now i take lessons for it but idkk yet.

Answer #13

You will. (: I still have no idea what I want to be, what I want to pursue. I just have to figure it out along the way (:

Answer #14

I have a better grasp on who I am now, but I’m always trying to figure myself out, it can be frustrating at times, but you’ll be fine, trust me. Do what feels right, try to stay safe, stand up for yourself and people you hold close and you’ll be fine. I’ve never smoked, done any dr*gs, and waited until I was basically legal to drink. You’re not weird for any of that. As cliche and overdone as it sounds- Just be yourself. You can’t screw that up.

Answer #15

i think it’s kind of interesting because in middle school, everyone focuses on being “cool” and “fitting in”. but by high school, their are a LOT more groups of people with veryyyy different definitions of cool, which makes it easier to fit in. middle school sucks lol

Answer #16

yeah i know how you feel, it all over the place but once you hit high school you get a lot of help with that like career counseling

Answer #17

when i was 13 (7th grade) i hd bad influence and i hung out with alot of thugish hoodlum kind of people…. and i drank a beer or two and i smoke once or twice… after a while i found out thats not what ever wanted so i completly change…. now 10th grade) im likethe smartest kid in 2 or 3 of my classes…. but i hang out with normal funny and nice…. ocasionally i get that one really crazy friend… but to know who you really are.. you should ask yourself… maybe you like rap and dress like a rapper sometimes or you might be very tacky… it depends on your personality and intrests… not that much of what other people think… or you will be controled by other people for the rest of your life

Answer #18

I’m 20 and I don’t even know who the heck I am yet..

Answer #19

I think it is possible to know what you want in life at 13.

I was also involved with some of the bad crowd at around 12 and 13. They were the type who never went to class at school, they smoked and on the average weekend each of them would drink a bottle of Brandy (now some of them have liver problems at 22, what a surprise).

Anyway around 13 I chose to change my life, so got new friends, starting doing well in school again and I think the most important thing for me was that I had a good idea of where I wanted to go in life.

The only reason I really knew where I wanted to go in life is because at 13 I had already experienced a lot of life. I had visited most of South Africa, therefore I knew I would like to travel a lot later in life. I had started working on weekends since I was 8 and also would help my dad with some of his accounting work. This helped me decide that I would rather own a business than be an employee as my dad’s clients and my parents had more free time than other people had who were working for companies. Lastly I saw what difference good and bad friends have on your life, so I decided that everything I wanted to do in life I would do with good friends.

Since then a lot of my goals have changed, but the basis has remained the same. I am now more interested in Social entrepreneurship than just entrepreneurship for instance.

Anyway, I think that the quickest way to get to know yourself is to try many new things and when you find things you really enjoy, stick with them

Answer #20

im 18 and i dunno who i am. i thought i did and i thought i knew what i wanted out of life but now i dont.

Answer #21

ALL OF THE OTHER ANSWERS ARE BS! To paraphrase Popeye, “You is what you is and that’s all what you is.” 99% of what you are is decided by when and where you are born, and who your parents are. For example, try being a Nigerian child and live in a neighborhood where you get driven to soccer practice. The idea is depressing, but also liberating. God bless you and protect you. Few people are as lucky as you are.

Answer #22

You can’t know who you are at 13, but don’t worry, you have your whole life to ‘find out who you are’. I suggest you start living life to the full, you’ll never accomplish anything just sitting around. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you- go out there and find good things!! You need to do stuff to realize what you like and dislike, with each new thing you try- you will be one step closer to finding out who you are!!

Answer #23

Unproven and unsupported. True, you is what you is, but you grow to be who you are, not through worrying about it and trying to become what you’re “supposed” to be. Don’t think about it, it just happens along the way. You’re 13, you have plenty of time. You’ll change along the way. The fact that you’re worried about it already says that you’ll make good choices, so don’t think about it and just let it all happen. Cassie’s giving you some great advice.

Answer #24

You don’t need an age in which you find yourself. Mozart found out his future at age 5. Piccaso found his talent for painting at 9. They turned out pretty well :3 I found out I was bi at 14. I realized I wanted to write when I was 12 and still want to be an author :] You don’t need to be older to find yourself. You can find yourself at any age :]

Answer #25

I’m still searching to find out who I am. It takes a while. Your still a teenager, and so am I so we can get through this together…. Oh my goodness, I sound like my mom! HELP! S.O.S! S.O.S! Lolz jk ;) But really, your still young, we both are so just hang in there I guess =S

Answer #26

its a point in time to exspeariment and such to find out exacly who u r and who u want to be as a adult

Answer #27

its a point in time to exspeariment and such to find out exacly who u r and who u want to be as a adult

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