Final fantasy x-2

what do you have to do to get the ending with tidus in it?

Answer #1

to get the final ending in which yuna in reuntied with tidus you must complete the game 100% and their are a few button sequences you must push at the end of certain random scences to aquire the ending.

I made a complete task list and posted it a few years ago on a gaming site on how to get 100% completeion in the game and aquire the special ending.

I have it saved somewhere in a mass of game reviews and walkthroughs I’ve written over the years so allot me a little time to find it and when I do I will funmail it to you.

Answer #2

I had this question awhile back, check GameFaq’s that’s where I found it, I would link you to it but I have no idea where it was, maybe in forums.

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cant remmeber I used a cheat cd… lol

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Answer #6

Final Fantasy X-2 Endings

Unlike its predecessor, FINAL FANTASY X-2 has six different endings that you can see.

The first ending available, the “Normal” ending, is the default ending of the game. It’s the ending you get if you go through the game quickly.

The second possible ending has one additional scene not included in the “Normal” ending. After defeating Vegnagun in Chapter 5, if you press the X button as Yuna and company leave the Farplane Glen, you will hear a whistle. A group of pyreflies will then begin to coalesce behind Yuna and a short scene will play.

• In Chapter 3 visit Chateau Leblanc at Guadosalam and speak with Ormi and Logos. They will offer to show Yuna a series of movie spheres. Once this event is over, Maechen will appear again. Speak with him for some background info on the storyline.

• After defeating Ixion at Djose Temple during Chapter 3, Yuna will fall down the hole in the Chamber of the Fayth and end up on the Farplane. After watching a cutscene with Shuyin and obtaining Crimson Spheres from Nooj and Gippal, she will be alone in a dark area. After another cutscene with Yuna yelling out loud, start pressing the X button repeatedly. You’ll hear a whistle. Keep pressing the X button until you hear three more whistles. A familiar-looking silhouette will lead Yuna out of the Farplane.

• After defeating Vegnagun, a cutscene will occur where Yuna and company will walk across a field in the Farplane on their way back outside. Press the X button to hear a whistle.

• Bahamut’s Fayth will appear after you hear this whistle. Answer “Yes!” to his question, and you will see the “Good” ending.

The third ending, the “Monkey” ending, will occur if you say “It’s better this way” to the Fayth’s question.

The fourth ending plays if you take too long defeating Vegnagun’s head. You’ll see Vegnagun destroy Spira (this is the ending for the sadist in all of us).

The final ending, the “Perfect” ending, is pretty much the same as the “Good” ending, with an additional scene thrown in at the end. To get this ending, not only do you have to perform the steps to get the “Good” ending, you also have to complete 100% of the storyline in the game.

If what we just described sounds like a daunting task, don’t worry too much. FINAL FANTASY X-2 has a New Game Plus feature that allows you to save your game data after the ending credits. Any items and gil you obtained during the first game get carried over to the new game. Any Dresspheres and Garment Grids you obtained get carried over as well, along with any abilities you learned with them. The storyline completion percentage gets carried over, so any new storyline tasks you perform get added to the total completion percentage.

Note: You can google “FFX-2 Tidus/Normal/Sad Ending” to figure out each one.

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