What kind of films should I make?

Ok… So I want to start this video show thing. I’ve taken up filming.. Only thing is though, that I haven’t figured out what I want to show. I’ve seen a lot of other people’s videos and they seem like a lot of fun to make, and the way they will look isn’t going to be hard.. I’ve made a few short movies before with Windows Movie Maker, so that’s not the issue… I want to know what is the public looking for? and What do you like looking for?

What should I show?

Answer #1

I make movies/videos and crap too, some of which I put on YouTube (youtube.com/coolnewkids). I don’t really know what the public is looking for, and I sort of don’t really care. The end product just has to meet MY standards so I can feel better about myself.

More often than not, it’s not that easy, and it’s not all fun. But I don’t care I do it anyway. Editting is probably the funnest part, but filming can be fun too.

My main problem is I always like doing different things, and some of my movies are a different brand of humor or something than the others, so I have to have like a ‘diverse audience’ or whatever.

Right now I’m pondering a 50s-esque 3D monster movie. Aside from that I’m still working on several ‘shorts’ for YouTube, and trying to attempt beginning to think about getting ready to maybe possibly start making some sort of ‘indie’ type film. Because I’m bored.

I don’t really know what you like or do, so I don’t really know what to tell you except for what you might derive from everything I just said…

Answer #2


My name a Jonny the Monkey, number one most famous celebrity in Kazakhstan. Good friend Borat have great success movie film, but still only number four most famous in country.

Jonny top host of Kazakh childrens televisions show and also act in many porno film, so have much history as actor like you ask about…

Me think you should make film where capuchin monkey save world from terrorist asteroid attack that start epidemics virus that infections the whole planet. It sure to be success and earn more than 500 of your U.S. dollars in wide release of theater!

Jonny almost finish make promotion of latest movie film in U.S. and A., so could star in that movie if you make. Also be awares me have own stunt double over in Kazakhstan that can work also on movie film. He midget gypsy with many body hairs.

Please let know if you want film this movie and will have assistant send you standards contract.


NOTE: This answer was ‘hand signed’ by Jonny the Monkey to his gypsy assistant Batyr, who then translated and typed those words here.

Answer #3

Dear Eye, Try and shoot issues that are a concern to the public….Something you believe in. Example….I believe kids are being drugged and traquilized into behaving a certian way, so it makes it easier to control the kid…. in other words, drugging a kid saying they have a behavior disorder in the brain is not true..because the medical community has never found any abnormality in the brain to treat….but they still give these mind aultering drugs to the kid. I believe it makes it easier for the parent along with the parent being misled by certian doctors. So I made a movie about the subject. Try and make your movie on interesting issues etc.. Familycoach

Answer #4

Yes you asked this question like over a year ago…but, you should think of all the films you love…and then start from there, take ideas, thats the way 2 get started. Then just have a sit down and think about ideas, before you go to sleep at night, you will get ideas just coming to you, if you dont, then ure screwed, but make sure you always have a notepad with you because you may get that great idea and just forget by the time you come to write about it.

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