What fields will there always be jobs in?

Answer #1

Medicine. I think it’s pretty much the only field where due to the adaptive nature of bacteria and viruses, you’re always going to need health care.

Answer #2

no offense TY but…medicine isnt the only field those because you can say that about a lot of fields….like law(because there is always going to be a crime committed… someone to prosecute while another to defend not to mention legal issues to settle & divorces to deal with!) another is psychiatry(because there is always going to be stress & pressure around no matter what country you go to…some people just cant deal with all the stress & pressure & need someone to help them with their problems) Another is teachers( there is always going to be children that need educating even in the poorest of countries)another is politicians/soldiers(because there is always going to be someone that makes the rules as they go along to prevent a war somewhere…weather we need government or not to rule the world…they are still always going to be in power controlling us!) Another is bankers(because there is always going to be someone who is controlling the money which is the banks are always going to be the richest of all!) Another is real estate agents(because someone is always going to be in possession of land & property so there is always going to be a need for an agent!)Another is engineers(to create more & more inventions, ammunition and nuclear we@pons!)

The list does go on & on….so you see, medicine isnt the only field that will always need workers…unless a war goes on, in that case they have so much ammunition all around the world they will just kill us all! lol

Answer #3

It was phrased poorly, I admit, but I was not implying that medicine was the only field in the world where jobs will be needed. Just that it is one field where people will always be needed because people evolve as do bacteria and viruses. I dont know if it would be possible to create a machine would be able to evolve with that. As for education, i disagree. Online classes are becoming more and more popular. I can foresee a time when teachers will become obsolete. More and more people go online to buy stuff. People selling stuff will eventually become obsolete. Including real estate agents. As for soldiers, the U.S. has already begun to engage in warfare that uses technology and eliminates the need for soldiers who do stuff on the ground. Another position I see being eliminated one day. I hope you’re not implying psychiatrists are not included within the medical field? I was referring to all health care workers. Including mental health. Banking has already gone online. I can see the elimination of physical banks as we know them today. I do think politicians will always be around simply because they will figure out a way to make sure their jobs never become obsolete.

Answer #4

Our aging population pretty much guaranty that health care will be a growing field for decades.

I don’t think anyone should choose their field just for the job prospects.

Study whatever you are interested in. If you are interested in it you will be more likely to be happy and successful. Even is competitive fields there is always room at the top for the best.

In the 1990’s a computer science degree seemed to be the ticket for a successful future. I saw CS majors who didn’t even like computers or computing.

Joseph Campbell advised us to follow our bliss. Do whatever makes us happy and everything else will fall into place.

Answer #5

I don’t know about “doing what gives you bliss”, unless you are among the very lucky few who can make a living in “bliss”…..There has always been a huge shortage of nurses…RN’s….It stands to reason, to think that because of the new health care bill, that shortages in all fields of medicine will soon be on us….

Answer #6

Nobody can blissfully work every moment of the day. The people who get to work in fields that they enjoy are the ones with the courage to. Beaten paths are for beaten men.

In my case I started to learn UNIX and C when everyone told me that I needed to study MVS, RPG and Cobol to get a job. Then I found this thing called the Internet that everyone told me was a waste of time because only engineers and college students used it. Was I lucky that my interests eventually panned out? I suppose. Everyone is ready to tell you what you should do but you can live your own life.

Yes there will be a shortage of health professionals due to our aging population and aging doctors and nurses. 35% of doctors are now over 55. The health care bill invests a great deal of money in training health professionals; probably still not enough but it isn’t necessarily causing health care shortages; patients with health insurance will go to their doctor instead of the emergency room. Using ERs as primary care for the uninsured is not an efficient use of resources.

Answer #7

Yea, and in the U.S. they are laying off teachers like wildfire.

Answer #8

Do you think a Computer Science is still as useful today? I’m thinking about going into that field, but I don’t want to go four years and pay all that money, and have a degree in something that’s not even useful

Answer #9

This isnt to offend anyone… It may some day be obsolete but not in the next 50 years…so til then we are good! What happens in 50 years wont really matter because we still have today, not to mention the next 20 years secured! Personally I hate online courses & refuse to do them for the reason that I cant talk to someone face to face & receive the help I may or may not want from an online course! I also hate all those answer machine press this & press that for 30 mins while you are still paying the bill….the more advanced technology is becoming the lazier people are becoming & less work is out there for the economy….

I mean go ahead replace everyone in the world that has a job other then “the medical staff” news flash, soon surgeons will be just as obsolete because they are using robots to form Persis operations on patients…where as the surgeon wont even be present…but might just be voice activated….will we see it in the next 5-20 years…I highly doubt it…so do most people stop getting educated in a particular field because it will be obsolete I think not…If you want to learn something because it is for a good cause…then do it…you live now, here today…not in another 30-50 years… d what ever makes you feel good that you can earn a living legally and be proud of your accomplishments…that is all I am saying…if medicine is what you can stomach…then so be it…some people like “me” for instance cant be around anything that has to do with medicine…have a sensitive stomach and just cant be around that field…so what do people like me have no shot in life because we cant work in that field? The point is for now…just enjoy what it is you do…become a teacher if you please…become a doctor if you can stomach it…become a lawyer if you like representing innocent people defend criminals if you want to make money hell, become a cosmetician if you like working with people…become a makeup artist if you enjoy working with actors…but what ever you do dont do it because someone said it’s the only field that will be around…Again…no offense TY, that just reminded me of my god mother, who happens to be a registered nurse who makes a very very very good living, who has tried to force it down my throat & told her very nicely & calmly that money doesnt buy happiness…it may prolong your life but it wont make you happy! Do what makes you happy & earn a living to be satisfied with what you do & what you got…let others worry about what happens in 50 years from now when the time comes! :P

Answer #10

Computer Science certainly isn’t the hot field it was 10 years ago. In the 1990’s I got big raises almost every year and several calls a week from recruiters trying to lure me away with promises of more cutting edge work and higher salaries.

Everything crashed in 2000. I expected big corrections in the internet companies with high valuations who had never produced a profit but I was sure taken by surprised when the telecom companies crashed and Worldcom went bankrupt. Sun Microsystems went from a high of $163/share down to $2 and change. It was like everything was crashing down. Lots of people I knew lost their job or had to take pay cuts to keep the job they had.

Computer Science is still a good field but not as red hot as it used to be. It used to be that a lot of people went into it only because it was lucrative; now the people who remain are the ones who really love the technology or are too late in their career to change.

If it is what you love than it is a good field.

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