How am I supposed to know if I am fertile?

Im15 and I want to have a baby how am I supposed to know if I am fertile to have a baby?

Answer #1

you fool

Answer #2

Kids having kids; I think you need to pull youself together, love! No, age doesn’t define how good a parent you are, but at 15 I seriously doubt your abilities to cope with the responsibility (financially, physically and emotionally)I’m so SICK of hearing about kids like you, who think it’s so easy just to pop out babies. I do not want to pay for the offspring that you cannot support financially, which is precisely what will happen. And as for this ‘I had a baby when I was 15, and I’m great’ story, STOP encouraging others to do the same. Your lack of knowledge and immaturity shows in the thiongs that you say. You are too young to have a baby, if I was your mother I would be so disappointed.

Answer #3

omg your 15 and want a child bad idea you would be looking and runnin around when you could be going to partys dont rush things god im 16 and I think I would love to have a child but I anit going to do it im not ready you need to have a life first before you stay looking after people

Answer #4

overthelies Simply haivng your period does not mean you are fertile either. You girls need to go to school and learn more about sex and the female body before you start to think about things like this. You have no clue how things work down there.

Answer #5

I dont think that haveing a baby at this age is a good 15 aswell..and yeah babys are cute..but I would wait a little longer. my friend was exactly like you..she wanted a baby..I advised her not to..but she got herself pregnant with the boyfriend at the time (theyre not together anymore) and she ended up haveing TWINS!!! At first she couldnt get enough of them..but then after a while I think she relised that she had made a mistake..she couldnt go out anymore with her friends..boys wernt interested in her once they found out that she had 2 babys..and she is a really attractive girl who used to get all the boys..and the father of the children doesnt want any contact with her or his children… My advice wait a few years until youve found some how really cares about you..then see where it goes for you

Answer #6

try having sex 14 days after the 1st day of your period. Make sure this is what you want. I aint going to say you are crazy but make sure your boyfriend knows and wants this as well. Im 17 and hoping to be pregnant. Finished high school this year and soon going to college and moving in with my boyfriend. We been planning to have a kid a few months ago and we think we could handle it. Parents are not against us my mother herself wants a grandchild. So just make sure you talked it out with your boyf and also he has a well paying job and that if he is older that your parents wont make him go to jail. If you think you can handle it well go for it and good luck. =D

Answer #7

tbh, some people want children early and at least they have their whole lives ahead of them to be free and their lives will begin at 40! LOL Be sure you are making the right choice here okay darlin, because it wouldnt be fair on the baby if it doesnt have a dad to bring it up and it will mess up your school life,

fair enough having children early, but having children when you are a child is

I dunno

its your desicion

Answer #8

erm.. I think… as long as you get your period… you are fertile… (not sure though) just giving you my opinion. :)

Answer #9

this is the worst idea you’ve ever had in your entire life. you are 15, babys shouldnt have babys

Answer #10

if you really want to have a baby then come here in the Philippines I will make you a baby not 1 but as many as you want

Answer #11

Wow this girl isnt even done growing up and she wanta to have a baby! Well I guess she doesnt care that when she goes to labor its going to be twice as long and painful than a fully grown up woman just because her cervix isnt fully developed, she is risking to have a premature baby and put her life and the baby’s life at risk. All the girls that I know have babys while in highschool, most of them are single mothers right now, did not finish highschool, are suckers from goverment funds and are not doing a crap out of their lives. What would you want for your daughter in the future? Would you want your baby to get pregnant at 15? I dont think so. First do something with your life so that you have something to offer to your child in the future. Just think how much it sucks when you want a new pair of kicks and your parents cant afford to buy it. Do you get upset? Do you wish your parents had a better job so the could buy you nice things like the other girls at school? Im sure you do and so will your child. But poor kid he/she will have to dress from walmart and second hand stores because mommy was an idiot and could not finish school to get a good paying job.

Answer #12

I think that having a baby at 15 is a little too early. You have to really thing about why you want to have this baby? Well im 22 I just got married in sept and me and my husband want a baby now ..People tell me im too young. So when is the right age to have a baby . If you think you can do it then do it. But your life is over and you should get married first. live a little. Your not even old enough to get a job yet.

Answer #13

ROFLMAO DUMBASS… seriouslyy you are stupid im 18 and there is no way in hell im having a baby right now!! hell to the no I have my life ahead of me with my fiancee I plan to go to college in 3 months and I have many things to do before popin a baby out tsk tsk tsk very bad idea honey…

Answer #14

Are you going to ask us where you get a job at 15? Oh and are you going to ask us for money also? Get a puppy first and pay all vet bills even if your puppy needs surgery pay for it and pay for a babysitter while you are at work then, If have not lost your mind think about having a baby. oh and don’t let the puppy our of your site.

Answer #15

omg 15 thats crazy if my sister thought of having a baby at 15 I would beat her not beat her but I would talk to her and ask her why in the hell do you want to have a baby. because at 15 you are going to want to have fun and go to dances and got to parties and just have fun and having a baby you cant go to thoughts and when you are in 12 you cant got to prom and drink so just ask yourself am I really ready to give that up for a baby

Answer #16

I don’t think you want to have a baby at 15. its a bad idea. really! it will messup your body because your body isan’t even done growing!

Answer #17

Don’t let these DEWSHBAGZ tell you how to live YOUR life!! if a baby is what you truly want then GO FOR IT… who cares what they think. As for your question Im the same as you…have no idea. =)

Answer #18

Why do you want a baby? Do you really want to give up your life for a baby? Do you want to watch your friends going out and partying while you are stuck home with a baby? Do you want to miss your school functions because you have nobody to babysit? How would you pay for a baby (they take a lot of money)? Who would care for your baby while you’re at school or would you drop out? Do you expect your parents to pay for everything for this child? Why would they want to, they already raised their children? Will you live with your parents and ask them to babysit their grandchild or will you let your parents raise their grandchild?

Before you decide to have a baby you need to realize that your parents should not have to support it. They also shouldn’t have to give your baby a place to live. You need to support your child with your own money (not from mom & dad). How can a 15 year old raise enough money to support a baby? You also should have your own place to live. Before you decide to do this you need to realize that it’s not fair to everyone else involved.

Answer #19

Dont do it. Children now a days have no sense. Seriously, your 15 years old. Do you have a boyfriend that will be with you forever (cause most high school relationships to not last I dont care what you say? Do you have a good well paying job? (of course you dont’ your only 15). Do you have your own place to live in? (no you live with your parents). Can you take care of a baby financially? (no, you cannot) Are you able to provide your baby with formula, diapers, a crib, and everything that a baby needs? Are you ready to give up your body for a another human being? Are you ready to gain weight, get strechmarks that never go away, get hemmroids, etc.? Do you have health insurance? Can you handle a baby emotionally? Are you ready for the nightly feedings that keep you up all night, for the cranky baby that wont every sleep, for the colichy baby that does nothing but cries? Are you ready to be a single mother, because you will end up being one? Your too young, the only thing your going to be is sponge of your parents, which is not the proper way to care for a child. Your still in school and have so much to do with your life, it’s not fair to your child that it will have to come second to these things.

Answer #20

First of all I have to say, I was pregnant at 15… with a PLANNED CHILD. I had good grades at school, and a man I loved with all my heart. We were together since I was 13 years old. I had my daughter at 16 years old. I also had my own apartment, my daughter, my boyfriend and I by the age 17. At 18 I got married! I am now 19, and mah daughter is 3, I am happily married! We have been together at 6 years now! I am also 4 months pregnant with baby number 2! It is very hard at times because life doesnt always go as you plan, but if you are set and determinded to have a baby no matter what anyone says your still going to do you. I would say wait, but if you really dont want to wait, just be prepared to give up your entire life. it isnt so horrible you just have to be ready to grow up very fast. you cant go out and have fun and money is tight. BUT AGE DOES NOT DEFINE HOW GOOD OF A PARENT YOU ARE! Always remember that and remember your CHILD comes first.

Answer #21

15 pregnant at 15 most people of that age dont know how to look after themselves let alone a child I understand that some people may have made the right choice at that age and are happily married etc but you need to weigh up pros and cons of having a baby they should be be taken to light hearted as you aint going to be able to get a refund if your not satified with it. A few girls I was in school with ended up pregnant at 14-15 and it ruined their childhood the did not pass grades and at the end of the day you should be able to look after yourself and support yourself first im not saying get a job but you need to be able to feed your self clothe and house yourself. OK babysitters may be a problem but you could let your parents have the baby whilst you go out just dont take thie piss and go out every weekend. Granted you may not think I have a place to say anythign as I do not have children yet and I am 20 but I was pregnant at age of 16 once and the guy I was with made me have an abortion because it wasnt what he wanted when time came just think about what you want and what you need because these things are different beyond belief all I would say to you is at least wait untill your legal and then on your head be it if its the wrong the decision and not your for your parents to pick up and look after

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