Do you think more females should be allowed to play football, or do you think it's solely a male sport?

Answer #1

well normally you will see males playing football, but in my opinion i think girls should be allowed to play too

Answer #2

I think that if girls want to play football, they should be able to. No sport is solely a male sport, of course I’ve always considered football a sport that guys play, but if girls want to then I don’t see a problem with it.

Answer #3

Why shouldn’t females play football?

Answer #4

i believe females should be able to play football, in highschool too. But make it only females vs females, cause it probably wouldn’t be fair to have males tackle females. No sports is just a male sport, just like no females sport is just females sport.

Answer #5

Well, some people think that football is only for guys, and that girls aren’t strong enough to play.

Answer #6

LOL “no females sport is just a females sport” :P

Answer #7

XD it true

Answer #8

i agree

Answer #9

Agree with what?

Answer #10

I definitely think that females should be allowed to play the game, it isn’t an ‘all male sport’ to me. I do think, however, that it should be an all girls team for them to be able to play. Guys play too rough for girls to join in. xD I know I wouldn’t want to get caught on a guy’s field.

Answer #11

Studies say that girls are better at football than guys x]

Answer #12

Which studies?

Answer #13

Yea, why not? I mean there is no sport that should be for soley males nor for soley females anyone can play whatever they want. Sports are sports, there are no “female sports” nor “male sports”.

Answer #14

I don’t know but my science teacher said that they had taken studies to prove that girls are better than guys and they proved it! They should be asking us to play our game x]

Answer #15

This year at my school a bunch of girls went to the office for a right to try out for the team. To the coaches serprise there were a few good players from the girls and they made it on the team. I think any one can play the game is they like it :)

Answer #16

onto the guys team

Answer #17

If they can make it in tryouts then go for it. Honestly in my opinion I think they should make a female football league only on the fact that guys in football or usually way bigger than girls which to me is a safety concern.

Answer #18

I don’t think that gender should restrict anyone from anything.. So I think a girl should be able to play football if it’s what she enjoys. I mean, why not?

Answer #19

i agree wit simplychallenging ^^^

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