Female and teen masterbation

When should females start masturbation, because I started when I was 10 but I want to make sure I am not to young to be doing this, I am 13 now... should I continue this?

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indeed, most of my female friends started 'roudn the age of 11, but it's diferent from person to person

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i'm 13 i started at a younger age at 7 you can couniue its not bad

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masterbation is a good realese do it when ever you feel like it .

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You're fine. Girls start at all different ages, it's completely healthy and normal.

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Oh my goodness, my daughter is 10. :O

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Masterbating is almost as good as sex. I`m 13 and I had sex about 19 times and it feels 30x better than masterbation. Masterbating is normal and the 2nd best feeling in the world next to sex. keep masterbating! tip: if you can do a split you must have a big hot vagin* like I do, so if you do, try injecting a shampoo bottle in your p***y. The bigger it is the closer it feels to sex(best feeling in world). I personaly only use my finger if im on the go. I Wear a huge sweatshirt sometimes so I can finger myself in the car when I have an urge.the hard thing is preventing people from hearing my sex noise and my hard loud panting. use my tips and you will always be in a good mood.it also makes you better at sex and it will fell better and it will be more satistying. Good Luck!

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I started thinking about sex when I was five and I got a life size "Ken" and "Barbie" doll... when I went to sleep I would lick Ken's... you know what... When my friend came over one time, I told her that I had been thinking about sex. she said "Me too. Do you like want to play 7 minutes in heaven? Gosh I know that's wierd, but do you?" I said yes, and she fingered me. I havn't even fingered myself yet, so it was new. then, she slowly masturbated with a plastic drumstick she brought. I asked her how to do it, and she told me how. then she put a vibrating toothbrush there and I had my first orgasm. now I freakin love when she comes over. as a matter of fact, I still have the toothbrush, hidden of corse. I will use it now... thanx 4 reminding me

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yes its normal for you girl go on

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Different people develop sexually at different ages. If you are ready to mas*urba*e, and you want to, and you enjoy it, well, I think it's up to you.

Of course, mas*urba*ion is a very private thing, even for adults. At such a young age, it's probably something you would feel you can't talk about with your friends - not yet.

The important thing is to do what's right for YOU, not for anyone else. Don't be pressured to do it, or not to do it.

If you have a good, open relationship with your mother, it might be something you want to ask her about. Maybe.

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talk to your best friend boy or girl, I did and they didnt care at all. its up to you

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for the 13 year olds wow... bit young for sex, aren't you? Geez best be careful for unwanted pregnancy.

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Its is normal for you to masterbate its normal

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keep do it if you like its not bad 4 u

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