How do u feel about the word Retarded?

my school had a petition to ban thee word?

Answer #1

i think its i word people shouldn’t be saying its like saying “i love justin bieber” D-X

Answer #2

Its been over used and for the wrong reason. The english language has lost many words like that.

Answer #3

I think it depends on the way in which it’s used. For example, I can say that a bread dough has been “retarded”, meaning that the rising process has been slowed down and that is the correct use of the word. However, to use the word as a way of describing a person is politically incorrect and rather offensive. Banning the word isn’t the right move…it is a real word, after all…what they should be focusing on is the use of the word and teaching kids how it should be used.

Answer #4

this girl i kno is obsessed with him…. and my cousin said he had no talent!!

Answer #5

bugger it i was just typing neally the same and decided to stop and read :p. politicly incorrect is what it is if your referring to a human being. its like teh saying, are you deaf and dumb? you see people that are deaf are not dumb and comes under the being wrong to say it category. seems to be a word mainly used in america. we use, or should i say used to use spastic or spaca. it means the exact same thing as retard but to be honest i havent herd teh word used out of category since i was at school except on teh internet.

Answer #6

Sigh. Doesnt your school board have better things to do with their time than go around banning words. It’s like any other word that is used to insult people. I dont see why it needs special consideration.

Answer #7

Look, most kids grow up with these sayings all their lives. they hear “thats so gay” “thats so retarted” “ur mom” “thats what she said” honestly i dont think theyre gonna stop and think about it every time they say it. i dont. im not gonna be like “whoops i shouldnt have said that” every time i say the word retarded. thats not how it goes down. if it offends you, or your school board, than well deal with it. because unless this is something that is causing a serious problem, than they shouldnt waste their time. its not a teachers place to raise a kid, its not a teachers place to tell them what they can and cannot say. the teachers are there to teach you, not give you moral lessons about life. but thats my opinion. your parents should be the ones addressing the problem, but let me say one thing. i would never listen to a teacher who told me not to say retarded.

Answer #8

I think the word “retarded” is fine, as long as it is used in the correct way…I also think it is fine (normal) for teens to call each other retarded, when they are picking around with each other. For example: “Haha, I slipped on a banana pill yesterday!!! :D” … “LMAO…omg! haha you’re so retarded! :D”….they don’t mean it to be offensive. However, when someone calls someone retarded because they are not as good at school work, or they don’t understand the work, as good as other kids…then that is just mean. Also, kids shouldn’t go around calling other kids who are actually mentally retarded “retards” that is mean as well.

Answer #9

i think it should be banned why? cuz in elementary school there was a kid whoes mentally retarded and he admitted himself and showed the teacher a note from his doctor that he needs special ed i was a student counsel for 7th grade and him for 6th grade and he sat next to me and i told my friend “bs! thats not true u retard”..he asked me “why do u say that? its not right..after finding out from a friend that hes re** (I feel mean just saying it) and it really hurted me. i think thats why it should be banned

Answer #10

to tell you the truth i go to this school thats full of them i mean there not much but there acouple of special kids some are annoying and you cant understand i know alot of then and some of then are my friends and i respect then yea i say acouple of bad thing about then but thats just me

Answer #11

It is absolutely part of the teacher’s job to teach you moral lessons. Some children are not lucky to have a stable home with parents who teach the child right from wrong. Teachers are urged to be a positive role model to their students BECAUSE of that. Otherwise, trust me, teachers would take so many more smoke breaks, cut class early for happy hour, and not give a flying fox about the dress code. You may not understand it now, but I’m willing to bet that most of your teachers want you to function as a productive citizen in society. Making sure that you have a concept of morality will help you to do so. Being sensitive to others and being politically correct can get you farther in life! Trust me, “it goes down” a little different once you’re on your own, you have to pay your own bills, and have to be sensitive to your boss and your clients if you want to keep your job!

Answer #12

I believe banning the word is a bit much. Thats not really going to do anything. Kids are still going to use it. I think that many words can be offensive if put in a certain context, and there will always be people who do so. I am personally sick of people saying I can’t use the word retarded when referring to my older brother. I was told to just say MR. Well, when I say MR, most people ask what that is and I wind up saying retarded anyway! People almost always recoil when I say it, but when I explain that he was diagnosed with autism and mental retardation its like a lightbulb goes on. Unfortunately it is a word that has been misused to the point where its almost evolved a whole new derogatory meaning. If people only knew or cared how uneducated they sound when using words like “retarded” improperly, they wouldn’t do so. :(

Answer #13

yeah i know all that. by moral lessons i mean they shouldnt have to be telling you how to live your life. like saying “wait to have sex before marriage” i go to private school and they always say that. honestly its not their place to say that. or to tell us what to wear. they are there to teach us what we need to know so we can go to college, and if we have any problems we should go to them willingly and not be pressured to spill your guts about whats going on with ur life.

Answer #14

If you had said they have no right to make such comments in public schools I would have to agree with you. I would see that as being somewhat out of line, However, you said you attend a private school. Things are a little different for private schools. Especially since many private schools have some sort of religious affiliation. I am still willing to bet that most of your teachers truly care for their students and only want the best for them. As for telling you what to wear, its called a dress code and unfortunately it doesn’t go away when you grow up. Many jobs and careers require a dress code. I’m also sorry to hear that some of your peers feel pressured to spill their guts to teachers. The fact of the matter is that so many kids DONT let teachers know when they are experiencing problems. They just want to help you, but they need your cooperation in expressing your problem situations. A teacher could lose their job over not reporting suspected abuse or neglect of a student. A teacher could be in hot water if students are not doing well. If their is a bullying situation and a parent gets ticked off, guess who that parent is going to go talk to…..the teacher. You should never feel pressured into talking about things that make you uncomfortable. Before trying to decipher what teachers should and should not do, try to see things from their side and maybe research a teachers job description for you school will also help.

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