Why do i feel like peeing when i get too horny?is it normal?what do u think is the problem if it is?

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i think its because when you get horney you heart rate increases and everything starts flowwing faster in your body....

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is it normal?or should i go to a doctor?

Everytime I get horny I feel like I have to pee, why is that?

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Its normal lol

whenever im horny I feel as though I have to pee?
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But my advice is from only what I kno so.. but hoped I helped :)

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it is 100% completely normal

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it is 100% completely normal

Why do I feel like I have to pee way before I orgasm?
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My girl friend has the same gift..... Its called squirting or female ejaculation. It usually comes out at the time of the orgasm when you pretty much lose control of all bodily functions.

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Its like if your cumming but you know for a girl

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its normal...done by all

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You're most likely having an orgasm, it'll feel like that for a while. But it's not pee, it's most likely cum female ejaculation.

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