Does anyone else here feel like they can't function unless they've had their coffee?

Coffee is often argued about in terms of health. Is it good for you or not? Why can’t some of us work unless we’ve had coffee? In my case I also get headaches if I don’t have my morning coffee.

Answer #1

Yes! Every morning. I am just so tired every morning no matter how much sleep I get, plus, it keeps me awake during my long boring lectures :D

Answer #2

I know exactly how you feel, I can hardly even concentrate at my desk unless I’ve had mine.

Answer #3

I can function without coffee but not as well. If you get headaches when you don’t get your morning coffee you are addicted to caffeine. You are going withdrawal. I used to drink a lot more coffee than I do now; I have cut down quite a bit but I still have several mugs of coffee every day.

Answer #4

I have to have some kind of caffeine, coffee or tea may be my drug of choice in the morning depending on the temperature.

Answer #5

Yes I get headaches with out it, what shall we do without our caffeine and nicotine.

Answer #6

@ filletofspam, you say you’ve cut down quite a bit but still have “several mugs a day”. How much is that? I have about 4 and some people say that’s a lot. @ Chris.. love the answer.. can’t live without the caffeine!!

Answer #7

Well I have about 3 to 4 cups, and then a cup of tea to go to bed, lol.

Answer #8

Many people call a mug a cup. A cup of coffee is 5 oz. The mugs most people use are 8-12 oz. I started drinking coffee when I was 12. They say coffee is an acquired taste but I can not remember ever not liking it. I enjoyed coffee but when I got my first desk job processing textbook orders I discovered that the more coffee I drank the taller my stack of completed orders was at the end of the day. More coffee=more work=happier boss. I got to the point where I was drinking about 1 mug of coffee every hour at work. If I worked 8 hours I’d drink 8 mugs, give or take. If I worked 12 hours I drank 12. When I pulled all-nighters I have no idea how much I drank but it was a lot! Then I decided that this was too much coffee and it couldn’t possibly be good for me so I started a long slow taper. First no coffee after 5PM, then after 4PM, etc. until I was down to a single mug every morning. After a few months I quit drinking coffee all together. The long slow taper allowed me to quit without withdrawal. I still drank coffee on special occasions; when eating out I would still have a cup with breakfast or with desert but I didn’t drink it every day. I didn’t drink coffee regularly for over 2 years. Then I started getting up an hour early to workout at the gym before work. I found to get up that early I needed some help so coffee worked its way back into my life. Now I drink 3 or 4 mugs/day which is about half of what I used to drink.

Answer #9

I’m more of a tea person. :]

Answer #10

I love my ice tea in the summer in Texas, it get very hot here need that cooling rush of tea.

Answer #11

I used to drink quite a bit of coffee each morning - 4-5 “Mugs” plus usually have an AMP, then have a soda with lunch - until I started getting really bad stomach aches, and the doc told me I had acid reflux….. and had to cut the caffeine WAY back. Now I get 1 mug of coffee OR one soda a day. If I have much more than that - especially if spicy food is involved - I get no sleep and spend the night in agony. (and thats while taking meds for it -_- w/o the meds the pain comes every night regardless, and I get tired of sleeping sitting up.)

Answer #12

Eat more foods with capsicum in them, this will really help digestion and also promote a higher metabolize.

Answer #13

I can’t fucytio withut cofese. See what I mean? I wrote that without my coffee.

Answer #14

my grandma says that :/

Answer #15

Hehe I mean hot tea, with tea bag and milk. But I do like iced tea as well in the summer.

Answer #16

Tea- Love it…

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