How do you feel about Beyonce & Jay-Z shutting down a whole hospital floor just to have their baby?

I feel Just because they weren’t the first couple to shut down a hospital floor doesn’t make it right. Their were other babies born on that day & they probably aready had babies there. It also wasn’t fair to the parents who wanted to see their new born. I don’t care how much money you have, It was rude and inconsiderate to all the other parents that had babies in the NICU. Her being a new mother especially having experienced a loss should have known better.What do you think?

Answer #1

Really?! OMG! Thats ridculous!!! That shouldn’t be allowed!

Answer #2

I know! Their not special. And no one should be entitled to do that

Answer #3

wow wtf thats so … im disappointed in beyonce -_-

Answer #4

I know, I’m still at loss for words..!

Answer #5

That’s absolutely ridiculous, but not exactly surprising either. People of wealth and fame get perks just for those reasons.

Answer #6

I think it was selfish, there are many other women ready to give birth and you shut down an entire floor. Full of rooms that could have been filled with soon-to-be mommies such as yourself. I’m pretty sure they would have been in too much pain to honestly try to come into your room.

Answer #7

What a stupid and selfish woman, spending 1.3 million dollars to block out an entire hospital ward just so she could be a celebrity, I get the need for privacy but at the expense of other parents and their babies some of whom could be sick! shame on you Beyonce and Jay Z and shame on the hospital for allowing it, nothing but greed on their part

Answer #8

Yea i agree with the rest..why didnt she just have a personally baby havin room in her house with her own doc there. She is rich enough to shut the hospital down then she can do a lil more considerate..

Answer #9

to be honest i know you guys dont think its right.but it was probaly for security reasons.if there was someone who wanted to hurt them it would be a lot easier if the floor was open! Which mean that would you want a killer on a floor with other new moms??? no and its not like the floor the closed was the ER so people who needed help were still able to get the help they needed!!

Answer #10

Yes becasue everyone who is not in their tax brackets are killers.

Answer #11

and plus everyone would want her autograph! wouldn’t you want your privacy from all the news peoples?

Answer #12

We create these monsters by buying there CD’s and going to their movies.

Answer #13

Just sayin,people who have lots of money have to worry about those things!! and seeing as she didnt harm anyone by doing that. i dont see why you guys are geting mad at her! im sure the other women were fine on another floor or a diff hospital

Answer #14

SELFISH..honestly shes a a women just like the rest of the ladies that are giving birth she aint giving 5 births for her to close one floor. Its beyond selfishness. What about the rest do they have to transfer them to a diff. hos. because one lady took on whole floor?? its unfair, my opinion..

Answer #15

yes, if I had lots of money I would want to be seperated from lower species of humans for sure.

Answer #16

Beyond selfish .-. Other people need to use that place too! I understand she might want privacy and all that jazz, but that not anywhere near fair to everyone else.

I don’t care how special you think you are, other mothers have babies coming too .-.

Answer #17

Thats very inconsiderate. Somebody else could be having their child with complications. She should of stayed home or rented her a discreet place to deliver.

At once I loved Beyonce, but she’s has been very dissapointing in the last few year

Answer #18

Well I wouldn’t go so far to say they are monsters but they are legonds in their own mind….with a fan base to support it.

Answer #19

Stupid, selfish and the list goes on. Just because they are famous dousnt mean they should that type of treatment!

Answer #20

Wow that’s so ridiculous!!!! Someone say diva!

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