Fear of rollercoasters.

Ever since I was small (which I still am, and 13!) I was always afraid of big rides, and rollercoasters. And I still am! It sucks! I really want to go on one but always been too afraid. I always feel embaressed when I go to theme parks. Eg: when on holiday on isle of wight, there’s this wonderful place called robin hill, and they have one of those huge swingboats, and I just stood there filming as the rest of my family went on it. Then my dad tried to get me to go on it, but I was too afraid, and he -pretty much hated me for it. And I felt so upset. But during the day I was building up courage to go on it again, but by that time, I was getting really hungry and cold, and I have a theory that you shouldn’t go on a thrill ride on an empty or full stomach, but my dad just said I was too scared. But I wasn’t, just didn’t want to make my first experience on one sh* and put me off them even more.

Anyway, I am totally fed up about this, and I want to be able to prve to people, I can. So I want to know, what rollercoasters would be best a a beginner that is petrified of them. Somewhere in uk and easy to get to. And get over my fear.

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Omg Same. I can’t go on any upsidedown ones but the smallish bigish ones are ok I suggest you just go on the ones I go on as much as possible until you get used to the feeling then go on the bigger ones :]

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heyya im 13 too and im afraid of roller costers too but when my familay finaly draged me on velocity at flamingo land I loved it and went on all the rides in the metropolatis area there and it was amazing and aoon my family aregoing to alton towers and im going on the rides like th13teen, air and rita there not the scary its rides but still awsome I hope you will try some rides to all you ned to do is start on smallish rides then gradualy get bigger but dont constantly ride the teacups I also advise going on a scary ish ride once you get at the park because it makes you feel invinceble for the rest of the day xxx

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I’ve always had a fear of heights. Park and fair rides terrified me.

Then one day I was at Six Flags over Texas and all of my friends were riding on the then new Shock Wave rollercoaster. I hadn’t been to an amusement park for years but I was determined not to be the only person in my group too afraid to ride the new ride.

I went on the ride expecting to be terrified but instead it was loads of fun. I’m not going to say I wasn’t scared; it was scary but it was also exciting and fun. A little fear makes it even more exciting. Since then I’ve ridden on rollercoasters 3 times as high and always had a great time.

If you are going to be terrified on the rides like I was when I was a kid just skip them. You are at a amusement park to have fun not to prove something to friends. If your fear is manageable than do go ahead and try to go on a scary ride. You might find like I did that you really like it.

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I was old when I got over it. What made me get over it? realizing I was in my mid 20’s and seeing these 10 year olds excited to get on… I thought to myself: Am I scared to go where a 10 year old isn’t? Then the heavens opened up, harpsplayed beautiful music, and I said, I am doing it! I got on, and now, every time I see a coaster or thrill ride, I got to get on!!! in the US, the Six Flags group of parks is the best. Vegas has a few coasters in Hotels too!

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I understand. I was afraid until I was 22 years old. I was in remission and my husband decided that bc I looked death in the face then I could look fear in the face. he took me to the biggest roller coster at great america and forced me on it… I loved it! I am now a roller coaster fanatic! you just got to suvk up all you courage and go on. even if you hate it you still tried. and try a bunch of them! have fun!

Answer #6

I used to be afraid of them as well ;) well, I still am abit ;P

Theres a small-type roller coaster at Flamingo Land called Mouse Trap it gets your stomach a bit towards the end I can’t really explain what its like lol I found a video of someone on it though :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A83y3I_JLvM&feature=related

I finally plucked up the courage to go on the corkscrew too >.< it goes upside down,, But afterwards it makes you want to go on it again :D

They’re screaming on it loads but its not a bad as it sounds haha ;) Good luck :D

Answer #7

get on the ride and say im not gna die and get over it lol I did it on stealth I still was afraid bt you dont regret it unless you watched final destination 3 then your screwed lool x

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