FDA calls Cheerios a drug.

From General Motors to General Mills Obama tightens his grip on the evil rich. Fortunately his Inordinate Perspicaciousness Barak Insane Obama (Hallowed be thy eminence) has found us a way to strip us of the evil car company and land us in a “eco-friendly” flintstones car. But he isn’t stopping there, next on the list is Cheerios and their outrageous claim that they can lower cholesterol without the governments regulation simply by being healthy. Apparently Cheerios should be classified as a drug not a food, because as we all know eating healthy is a diet that consists of eating pills that are regulated under the FDA. How could we be so blind as to think that toasted whole grain oats could be given to our kids without the proper regulation!!! Don’t worry the Obama admin will probably release a new and improved cereal once they take over called “Super Colon Blow” that was tested out by Saturday Night Live.

What do you think the next bright idea will be? Taking over the cork industry to combat the cows releasing methane gas?

Answer #1

yall opened my eyes with some of the stuff I’ve seen in this blog and I thank you all

Answer #2

Yeah, well I just wish they’d take use seriously when we want to make sure he is actually QUALIFIED to be our president and SHOW US US YOUR ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, not just some certificate of live birth that he could have been born anywhere…like Kenya. Why has he spent a million dollars of campaign funds on lawyers sealing his records so we can’t find out the truth?

Answer #3

Mr. Spam, or may I call you fillet? You are correct, if blueberry growers made that claim they would be violating the rule of “structure and function” vs. disease claims. Claims that support the normal functioning of the body are allowed, as long as they do not state that the product can treat, cure, or prevent a specific disease. For instance, manufacturers of calcium supplements can state that their products “support bone health,” but can not claim that they could “prevent or cure osteoporosis.”

I worked in drug research for years, and though tseirpeht does not see the logic behind this rule, I am thankful it is in place. If not for this, you can imagine the claims that drug companies, food manufacturers, etc. would be allowed to make, all without testing. FDA testing and guidelines, though far from perfect, does assure us of certain protection.

Answer #4

*“Like him or not, President Obama is our Chief of Staff, and is really unAmerican to use the over the top “titles” that you always seem to have for him.”

Twilightmom…tseirpeht’s attitude and hostility towards President Obama go deeper than what he claims is free speech.

He is going AGAINST the teachings of CHRIST…

Romans 13:7 and 1 Timothy 2:1-4 teach that governmental leaders are ordained of God and worthy of our respect. Respect is shown not because the person in government is one you voted for, or one whose race matches your own, or with whose public policy you agree, but because they are ordained by God.

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, there are examples of how God uses all types of leaders to bring about his ultimate will.

In reality, striving for an unbiased attitude, equality and justice is essential to a Christian understanding of life, as Peter taught when he wrote “show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king” (I Peter 2:17.)

Jesus NEVER denigrated the civil authorities of his day. In fact, he encouraged his disciples to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.”

Tseirpeht obviously places more effort and spends more time creating rude names for the President than reading the Bible.

I read a previous answer by tseirpeht to a young african american man who by no means stated that he was uneducated or on welfare…but tseirpeht assumed he was and told him “The thing is, I have an education. I work hard for my money because I believe that I am responsible for my future. Perhaps if you went to school and worked hard then you would feel that your sacrafice is worth a decent income. So don’t tell me to go back to school just so you can make more money off me.”


Read the entire Q & A…it is eye opening and I think explains where some of the intense hatred tseirpeht has for President Obama is coming from…

Answer #5

Tseirpeht… *show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king” (I Peter 2:17.)

Obama is a christian…are you going against the Bible and not loving the brotherhood of believers?

Are you showing proper respect to everyone? The point here is that just because some people called Bush names, does that mean you should follow in the same vein? Do two wrongs make a right? I did not like Bush’s policies but the worst I ever called him was “baby” bush and that was in relation to his father being senior Bush.

“fear G-d, honor the king” Are you showing respect for the teachings of Christ? The Bible does not say “fear G-d, honor the constitution, trash the king”

I understand that no how, no way, will you ever agree with anything I say, but as an educated person, you must see that your hatred for Obama goes a bit deeper than disagreeing with his policies.

Answer #6

Ha, yes we would have a cow as we have expressed on more then one occasion. Honestly I was really ticked off at the names people called president Bush and thought that I would be above that. Epic fail, liberals must have had a lot of fun with it because I am enjoying every minute of it. Come on now, I am sure that you can admit that freedom of speech should be enjoyed by both partys. The problem is I am running out of options, the thursarus can only give me but so many. Don’t worry I will run out sooner or later. G-d bless.

On a side note though to Mr. Spam, should we then put warning lables on all the blueberries in harvest because of their powerful antioxidants?

Answer #7

tseirpeht: “On a side note though to Mr. Spam, should we then put warning lables on all the blueberries in harvest because of their powerful antioxidants?”

I was just describing the rules the best I understand them. I’m not saying that the rules are good or logical. If blueberry sellers promoted them by saying that they prevent cancer than they would probably be violating the same rule.

Answer #8

“Thursarus” Sorry, tseirpent– its thesaraus

Actually, I don’t feel its appropriate for either side to speak that way of our President. As prior military, I guess it was drilled into us that our President is to be respected for his position, whether we agree with his policies or not. You don’t have to love the man, agree with anything he says, or vote for him. But once he is in that office, then he needs to given the respect he deserves for being in the highest position there is for anyone in the U.S.

Answer #9

Romans 13:7 and 1 Timothy 2:1-4
The consititution is the government, if I feel that the government is wrong then I am ecouraged to speak. So in fact by paying my taxes and obeying the law and expressing my oppinion I am obeying G-d’s law. We are not lead by the president, we are lead by what the president beieves is constitutional.

Answer #10

“Why do I get the feeling that everyone is laughing at me?”. :p

Because we always have a good laugh at what you have to blurt out??

Like him or not, President Obama is our Chief of Staff, and is really unAmerican to use the over the top “titles” that you always seem to have for him. If people were to have used titles like that Pres Bush—whoa, you and amblessed would have had a cow!

Answer #11

General Motors dug its own grave. It’s long term prospects were grim long before the financial meltdown, and personally, I’m not much interested in subsidizing poorly run companies that need to be shut down.

Obama had nothing to do with the FDA’s actions.

Answer #12

General Mills simply needs to change its labeling. The rules regarding making medical claims for products were in place long before President Obama got into office. If you notice every bottle of nutritional supplements lacks any claims about what it is good for. I take high dose Niacin supplements for my triglycerides. Bottles of Niacin supplements can’t mention that they are good for your lipids because doing so would make them a drug. There are niacin products that do indicate they are good for improving your lipid profile and not only they considered drugs but you need a prescription for them.

I do enjoy the way you spin every news story into an Obama attck though. Keep ‘em coming.

Answer #13

When has the president of the US ever made the decisions via the FDA? I thought they acted independently…or are you saying that politics determines what’s considered a drug & not considered a drug?

If so…then, did Clinton have undue influence in getting viagra to the market? Umm…that’s too terrible to imagine!

Answer #14

Why do I get the feeling that everyone is laughing at me…:P

Answer #15

So you admit that the president made a bad choice?

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