what is your favourite video game ?

Answer #1

Grand theft, PES and WWE :)

Answer #2

I like boxing on the wii

Answer #3

Halo 1-3 (favoring 2 the most), Modern Warfare 1&2, Guitar Hero/Rock Band… no specific order =]

Answer #4

The Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion Thats just me because I love midevil video game and you can play Oblivion forever and never get bored of it because there is so much you can do in the game. My favourite game [playing first few times through] would for sure be fable The Lost Chapters.

Answer #5

but you cant wait for two worlds2……

Answer #6

halo’s… final fantasy 7, 8, 13….. black ops… Zelda series… counter strike 1.5, source

Answer #7

I have heard bad reviews on two worlds. I never really looked into it any further after hearing a lot of complaints about the game.

Answer #8

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare, Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas, Mario Kart

Answer #9

and Kingdom Hearts!

Answer #10

i love guitar hero!!! ;3

Answer #11

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gta wwe pse i like them all haha

Answer #12

koolio nice pics =)

Answer #13

just wait until number 2 my friend this january… its supposed to be exactly like oblivion but on crack.

Answer #14

kool =)

Answer #15

kool nice

Answer #16

I’ll look into it, but all of my excitement is being injected into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Answer #17

koooool i like guitar h ero =P

Answer #18

Fable 2 and 3!!! and all the rockbands!!! (except the beatles one, that was mad boring : l ) aaannnd, i use to like GTA but it got boring too :/ and sometimes in a rare case, i’ll play war games.

Answer #19

Yes! halo 2 was definitly the best :D

Answer #20

New super Mario Bros. Wii!

Answer #21

i tried playing the first fable game, it was a really good story and all, but it just lacked in things to do unlike fable 2 :P

Answer #22

lol =P

Answer #23

woah woah…. elder scrolls V……. you just made my day sir… thank you

Answer #24

Here is the trailer for Elder scrolls V [link removed]

@Drew Flinn: Fable 2 disappointed me story-plot wise. There was much to do, but Fable TLC’s story plot was amazing. Give Fable 3 a chance, it was much better but fable TLC will always be better.

Answer #25

Black ops :)

Answer #26


Answer #27


Answer #28

GTA, Guitar Hero and Killzone are the only games I play.

Answer #29

“Just dance” on the wii. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! <3

Answer #30

Persona (all), silent hill (all), and the Resident Evil series :D oh, and final fantasy 7,8,12,13

Answer #31

Black Ops, Reach, L4D2, Bioshock 2, Red Dead, GTA

Answer #32

i hate that bores me but hthats my veiw

Answer #33

Too many to count. Banjo-Tooie, man. Amazing game.

Answer #34

i like the games the sims 3 and epic mikey. i dont play vionlent games because i do not like them so i try ot get the like fun mysterious real life games.

Answer #35

mafia 2…….and red dead redemption

Answer #36

Garry’s Mod, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2

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