Favourite song at the moment?

Just wondering :) whats your fave song atm, and whats your favourite part in it. I.e, my favourite song is last days of your life by glass pear

favourite part: If this was the last day of your life What would you do to make things right? Cause this is the last day of your life Who you gonna call to make things right?

I love you Shine on

Answer #1

a pefect circle - blue call an optimist shes turning blue such a lovely color for you call an aftermath shes turning blue such a lovely color for your eyes

Answer #2

4 Words (To Choke Upon)- Bullet For My Valentine

Too many times I’ve seen it rip a hole into our friendship This is how it’s been How it always will be You think you’re above me? (you think you’re above me!) But now I’m here to envy FOUR WORDS TO CHOKE UPON

Look [LOOK] at me now!

Answer #3

Eminem- Beautiful

Nobody asked for life to deal us With these Bull*t hands we’re dealt We gotta take these cards ourselves And flip ‘em, don’t expect no help.

Answer #4

Paramore - We Are Broken (live)

(With Zac on the drums and Hayley on the keyboard)

Tower over me with your arms like towers Tower over me with your arms like towers Tower over me with your arms like towers Tower over meee

Haha I loove that part ;)

Answer #5

I wanna love you- THE MAINEs cover. “I see you windin and grindin up on that pole!” Haha I go around singing this all day at school.

Answer #6

Eyeless,by SlipKnoT. Chorus You can’t see California without Marlon Brandon’s eyes! He repeats that a couple times.

Answer #7

Perfect People by: Natalie Grant

My favorite part is the Chorus. =D

There’s no such thing as perfect people, there’s no such thing as a perfect life, so come as you are, broken and scarred, life up your heart, and be amazed, and be changed by a perfect God…

Answer #8

don’t trust me by 3oh>3. do the helen keller and talk with your hips!

Answer #9

Calvin Harris-Ready For The Weekend

Counterfeit, counterfeit That’s what you’re, shouting at me, I could run but I’d sooner have this, And I make her bleed, Lick the blood stain from your finger, Say what do you see?, Remind you that whatever you get is, What you want it to be,

You get a feeling, that’s what you choose, And I was told there’s not a minute to lose, So if you’re waiting jump out your skin, To find a cure for whatever state your in, I tell my good friends get out the way, Of all the lightning hitting the trees today, We get a thrill from clapping our hands,

Answer #10

when I get home your so dead by mayday parade

I love the whole song. but if I had to pick one then..

On any other day I’d shoot the boy But your simple toy Had caused a scene like that Leave him hanging on the walls Just a picture in the hall Like 100 more Consider this as a gift as you taste him on your lips And he’s making you scream with his hands on your hips I hope he’s leaving you empty baby this is just a fix For such a simple little wh0re

And your name remains the same All that has changed is this pretty face So pull the trigger It never gets closer You want to start over But never start over

Pull the trigger It never gets closer You want to start over but never start over

Answer #11

The Good Left Undone by Rise Against

“All because of you! I believe in angels Not the kind with wings No not the kind with haloes The kind that bring you home When home becomes a strange place I’ll follow your voice All you have to do is Shout it out!”

Answer #12

Bullet For My Valentine-Hand Of Blood

love the whole song

Answer #13

I want dis forever- lil wayne sacrifice- lil wayne

Answer #14

Pleasure P - Go Under

Answer #15


FP: Let me be your sweet spot take me to your candy shop

Answer #16

michael jackson - dirty diana

Answer #17

Forever-KW,Drake,LW,& Em. oh and also, same song & dance- Eminem (: & 3- B.s

Answer #18

“your call” by secondhand seranade

fave part: Now stripped and polished I am new, I am fresh I am feeling so ambitious, you and me flesh to flesh but every breath that you will take when I am sitting next to you, will bring light into my deepest hopes what your fantasy wats your call because I was born to tell you I love you, and I am torn to do what I have to to make you mine stay with me tonight…:)

Answer #19

My favorite song is Forever by Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Kanye West. My favorite part is: It may not mean nothing to y’all But understand nothing was done for me So I don’t plan on stoppin’ at all I want this shit forever mayne.

Answer #20

ambulance chaser by search the city :) I love all of it!

‘now I’ve come undone just so you could stitch me up this damage seems to suit you if I’m going down then you’re going down’


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