What is your favourite Cricket team and then Cricket player?

My favourite team is South Africa and my favourite player is shachin Tendulkar from India, just because he is so good.

Answer #1

I havent watched cricket in forever (not real popular here). But I used to support Australia and SA. I barely recognize most of the names let alone remembering who I used to love.

Answer #2

Haha, definitely Australia, especially when we whipped the poms. My favourite player is Michael Clarke. I like WAGS, they make cricket more appealing.

Answer #3

gimminy from England :3

Answer #4

I am a huge fan of the Indian Cricket Team because I love watching them demolish the world’s greatest spin bowlers, etc. Favourite player was Sourav Ganguly, but now that he’s retired, one of four; Virender Sehwag, Graeme Smith, Herschelle Gibbs or Shahid Afridi.

Answer #5

england team, brian lara playr:D

Answer #6

shahid afridi is in pakistan team -.-

Answer #7

What’s wrong with that, lol? He is the only real stand-out I can speak of in their batting line-up.

Answer #8

Go india,I have always loved cricket and my favorite team has to be India because of some great batsman like Sachin tendulkar and ganguly and the dhoni too.I also like australia team,they have on top for very long though there is always a great competition between india,austrailia and south africa (which is a great team too) These three have to be my favorite. Since IPL(indian premier league) came in India,there is no indian or austrailiaor south africa,they all are in same team which makes cricket more exciting and fun.Here is a very short video …of austrailian player ..who play in IPL,which means all the player all over the world play together. :D

Answer #9

oops….i got it wrong,sorry :)

Answer #10

I also love Gibbs, not so crazy about smith. AB De Villiers is cool.

Answer #11

oh yes,AB de villiers…!

Answer #12

not rlly a cricket as its not popular! but i like the india cricket team.. i dunoo any player names.. lol

Answer #13

Ah well remember what Smith and Gibbs did against Australia in that epic ODI in 2006. Gibbs is a good leader I think and definitely a strong opening batsman. Keeps that team together I reckon.

Answer #14

I was so bummed, I had the opportunity to go to that game, but declined because of something else. DAMN. That sucked. Gibbs is good, just recently he has been messing up one to many times. Kallis is also good.

Answer #15

Gibbs is more of a pressure player. When they need him, he does some incredible things. Smith and Kallis are pretty consistent. Steyn is a machine as well, haha. I want to get the DVD for that game, but I cannot find it anywhere :(.

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