What are your favourite comedy videos on youtube?

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- Achmed the dead terrorist!! :D
- Jenna Marbles - how to get people to not talk to you and
how to trick people into thinking you're good looking <3
- ShaneDawson's vids are epic
- there once was this barbie girl lip sync done by these 2 guys
- I LOVE traphik, Kevjumba and nigahiga (they've got some funny vids!)
- Charlie the unicorn.... I feel twisted when watching it but laugh all the time

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edbassmaster is funny :).

videos that Mitchell did on youtube

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Smosh, Charlie The Unicorn, Llama's With Hats? ShaneDawson♄

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iJustine, nigahiga, kevjumba, jenna marbles kinda what like butterfly kiss3z said

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I love nathan ryan, danisnotonfire, amazing phil, shane dawson.

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shane dawson or key of awesome

Comedy network and america

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