what is your favorite team to win the world cup soccer?

what is your favorite team to win the world cup soccer, besides Usa.

Answer #1

Besides USA, hmmmm, uhm, USA!!!!! WHAAHHHOOOOO!!!!!!!! Im proud to be an american, for at least I know im free and I wont forget the men who died, that gave that right to me and I proudly stand up next her and defend her still today!!!!!!!!

Answer #2

America Sucks Dog. Look at all the problems in the world, They all derive from the States..

Answer #3


Answer #4

dont you mean england ryan ? were not playing as 4 countrys (:

Answer #5

Hahaha, they do too. But we’ve still got all the money and all the power. Even though the economy is trashed right now. American blows. I just felt like reciting a country dong my mother used to listen to. I cant believe I remember those lyrics, I hate country. Hahahahaha:)

Answer #6

not brazil

Answer #7

America actually has no Money, They Borrow Trillions and trillions of Dollars From the CHINESE to Go in Iraq. that’s where the money is coming from. China. China owns America. Or they all go to da da da.

Remembrance is good, tho They all died for little to no reason google this, The pharmaceutical coorperations being charged with Genocide Before the ICC (international Criminal Court)

WW1 began almost mainly as a scare tactic, To affix Income Tax to the Law and help pass that bill. The pharma cartel was behind the Rise of Hitler and that is why WW2 began. To scare once again and ban Natures most Prized Medicine, and make money from Synthetic fake medicine. As the one who began Pharmaceuticals took Herbal Medicine himself to stay healthy. but made it law that you had to use his medicine he Created, with the help of others.

Answer #8

I like the song by Ray cash, Talks about amerca calling themself the land of the Free and home of the brave, he says it should belong to him n them, his people were slaves. I think the Slaves that once were are more brave than the slave owners.yet ther still not Where the slave owners are, they are slaves to society legally now. still in another way.. its more poor people slaves nowadays, rich people slave owners. it still there.

Answer #9

I don’t know who’s Goingto win the Cup tho, Ghana Beat USA already last world Cup. Brazil is Bomb diggity but Renaldo, Renaldino, (dunno the spelling. is not playing for them anymore. and all them good players.

itsa toss up this year I think. 5 south american teams are in it to, that’s tough. unless they play each other right away and beat each other out lol.

Answer #10

my fave is spain.. i have money on them winning

Answer #11

i have money on uruguay winning !!!! xD i didnt want them….it was picked at random :(

Answer #12

usa is 50 states :)

Answer #13

Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Portugal or Spain. I would even say England, but they fail so often.

The USA plays better soccer now than 15-20 years ago, but is still not the best team in the world.

Answer #14


Answer #15

DITTO USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after that germany!!!!!!! right now the score is 4:0 germany!!!!!

Answer #16

The first international soccer matches were played between England and Scotland in the 1870’s. I think since they had no other to play, as organized soccer didn’t exist outside the UK until the late 19th century, and England and Scotland decided to play each other (as they had two soccer associations) and this had countinued. The Industrial Revolution came to the UK first, and I think it’s important for international events. Steamboats and trains made travelling faster, replacing the sailing boat and the horse and carriage .

When the Olympic Games started in 1896, organized sports were more spread, and a single UK team could compete against other countries.

Answer #17

Holland ^^ <3

Answer #18

yeah 50 states equals a country 4 countrys doesnt equal one M’dear ;)

Answer #19


Answer #20

Argentina, Holland, Germany, Spain and Paraguay

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