What are some of your favorite pranks to do on your siblings?

Answer #1

Idk.. Umm i need to kno new ones.. Umm one is too put a rubber band on the sprayer thing by your fosset.. and so when she/he approaches then it sqirts them.. so yeahh prob have heard of it.

Answer #2

Idk.. Umm i need to kno new ones.. Umm one is too put a rubber band on the sprayer thing by your fosset.. and so when she/he approaches then it sqirts them.. so yeahh prob have heard of it.

Answer #3

I have brother and sisters but their all adults so yeah :(

Answer #4

None, my brother & I dont really get along so we dont really communicate much…its a hi/bye relationship now!

Answer #5

My sister and I used to be plane mean, shes 30 so quite a bit older then me but when we were young we’d put super glue on hair brushes, change shampoos. We were straight cruel ha.

Answer #6

that is harsh!
I am almost 10 years older then my brother…when my brother & I were kids & my parents were away…we would get into these weird food fights…the gross kind…with ketchup & mustard then I would try to grab him for being such a wise @ss & this one time he yanked my chain…oh man I wanted to strangle him… Another time, he was misbehaving & started playing with the gr@pes…like throwing them up in the air & trying to catch them in his tiny ole mouth & wound up choking on a gr@pe, could have let him choke to de@th but I saved his damn life…so much for trying to get along!

Answer #7

if you drink diet coke you can tie a mento to a sting and make it go right onder the cap then twist it off and cut off the extra string and when they open it it gos every were

Answer #8

I use to take those pull string snappers and tie them to by brothers bed room door nob, then take something small and rubber, eraser works well, and push it a little under the door on the far outside. That way they had to push really hard all at once to open it and BAM pull strings went off. And ya they sounds a bit mean but they put a bucket of water above my door lol. A really mean one, I never did it but I have heard of it, is to take clear rap and put it on the toilet seat. Use your imagination at what happens next. lol I do not recommend that one tho your mom will be mad xD.

Answer #9

I mean that sounds not they sound.

Answer #10

As kids my brother & I just used to full on fight. Or he would purposely break or spill something and then blame it on me. Now it’s a lot more friendly shaving foam, pretending someone has rang or come over so they have to move. Nothing much.

Answer #11

When I was younger and even now, my sisters would get into lots of physical fights with me. Mainly because I was the youngest and because I left people take advantage of me. I remember when I was 8, my twin sister told me I was stupider because I was younger than her so I punched her in the stomach and she used her sharp nails to scratch off a portion of my left eyebrow. It doesn’t grow there anymore, Lol. When I was 16, my sister said in front of her friends “You don’t have any friends and never will because you’re such a f** re**! You probably won’t even get a girlfriend because no girl wants to date such an ugly person!” so you know what I did, America? :) I got upset and angry and threw her down like the Hulk and started punching the crap out of her.

My older sister was worse to me. Once when I was 8, I told her to leave me alone, so she took a hairbrush and stabbed my hand with it. I had like 40 bloodspots on my hand. There were also a time where she beat me up with a shoe so bad that I called the police on her. I was about 12. Both of them used to also break things and blame me, which would result in punishment from my dad. D;

Nowadays, we all keep our distance. My sisters go out and have fun with friends while I stay home alone. They tease me that the reason I don’t ever go out is because no one wants me to be their friend, but I ignore them. They are so cruel to me, but I bet they’ll miss me the most when I’m gone for the Marines.

Nowadays, my sisters and I don’t like to talk to each other. My sisters tend to go out with friends and such while I sit home alone doing nothing.

Answer #12

Wow, I can’t believe I typed that twice, wtf?

Answer #13

LOL get some chunky chocolate chips and xlax chunks and make them some chocolate chip cookies….LOL…and all the crap they gave you befor….they can send it to the toilet…hahahahaha…………trust me it WORKS….been their …..had that……LOL also you can put plastic bugs in their salads and soups etc. just make sure that the bugs are clean and big ones also….so they can see them…not eat them….the joke is watching them grose out and freak….hahahahaha

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