Favorite place in your house?

What is your favorite place in your house? Me its the bathroom! lol I feel free what I ever I want to do, I feel relax, I have privacy, I can keep my secrete there lol… and I have my own trown like a king haha and u??

Answer #1

my bedrooom!!! lol, I can do WHATEVER I want to do in my room while nobody knows!!! lol!! I can lay on my bed with I pod in my ears and siiing out LOUD!!! lol!! cause that would bother dad if I was in the living room!!! lol

Answer #2

Its got to be the bedroom; so much space, and I like laying down being lazy in there. Plus bedroom boom time always well most of the time starts there… what do I call it perfection lol:)

Answer #3

I would say the kitchen, cause I can cook and watch my flat screen t.v. at the same time, who’s the little boy in the picture? and is that his favorite spot to relax?

Answer #4

My bed room, it allows me to have Steph-time which I love. But I try not to spend too much time in there because I want to keep it mainly for sleeping or else I have a hard time falling asleep.

Answer #5

I would have to say my favorite room right now is our bathroom. It was just remodeled and turned out fantastic!

However, my favorite room to be in (to relax) is my bedroom. With four kids, it is nice to go to bed and lay down to watch a few minutes of TV to unwind after a long day.

Answer #6

My favorite place is my bedroom because I can do anything in my room, I feel totally realxed and I can do my yoga and watch my favorite movies, talk on the phone with friends, do whatever I want and no one and tell me what to do. :)

Answer #7

my fav place in the house is my bedroom I feel relaxed I can do what I want I can dance round naked! I can do what eva I want to do in my bedroom! >.<

Answer #8

my bedroom because thats the only place I have privacy lol well and the bathroom but stilll…

Answer #9

my bedroom aswell I cal relax I have privacy and I got my xbox 360 in there

Answer #10

I like my bedroom an my bathroom I have my own time there

Answer #11

my bedroom its where I feel most relax and get comfortable with my husband

Answer #12

my bed room. I love laying in my bed writing and doing everything I want to do.

Answer #13

I like my brothers room … the phone is in there lol

Answer #14

living room, I sleep better there than in my room, lol

Answer #15

My bedroom because of various things:

My lock My bed My window My stuff My movies My CDs

And my other stuff. It’s cozy in there, I guess cause I’m always in my bedroom that I treasure it more then the other rooms in my house.

Answer #16

my fave place is my bedroom, because it expreses everything about me. and I sorta made my lil clost a place where I can go and sit, and be alone. nobody has to know where I’m at. I can just disappear. and my kitchen, because I love to cook, and when I do cook, I listin to music and sing [ I lovve to sing], thats how I get outta this world an into tela land. haha

Answer #17

My bedroom is my fav. place in my house because I can get away from the outside world.

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