Do you have a favorite pie or dessert?

Mine is apple pie (moms) with a little ice cream on the side…so awesome :D

Answer #1

Everything and Anything. :P

Answer #2

My uncle makes this pie its a blueberry pie the only kind i eat but he only makes it on holidays so when he does make it i eat eat the whole thing cause he makes a special one for me :)

Answer #3

anything chocolate. LOL .. im not a big fan of pie.. ( i know.. its crazy )

Answer #4

hm, I never really had a good pie before, but I do like McDonald’s apple and peach pie quite a lot :D. My favorite dessert would either be tiramisu, or cheesecake tortilla. My god those are delicious.

Answer #5

the only pie i ever ate was McDonald’s.. dear lord biggest mistake of my life

Answer #6

Brownies ♥

Answer #7

my favorite dessert is italian ice

Answer #8

Brownies are my all time favourite desseret so simple, but I am addicted! As for pie, my favourite is bumbleberry mm.

Answer #9

Da f is a cheesecake tortilla? I have never heard of such a dessert. I will have to try it!

Answer #10

My favourite dessert would have to be Trifle, my Nan and I make a huge bowl of it every single Christmas. :)

Answer #11

I love any sour candies (: And my favorite pie is rhubarb or apple .

Answer #12

I dont have a favourite dessert..i like everything sweat and chocolate…!!!

Answer #13

Pumpkin pie still warm from the oven with whipped cream and a tall glass of ice cold milk.

Answer #14

You must! It’s hard to find where I am though. It’s so good, it’s a cheesecake wrapped in a tortilla and fried, sounds weird but its so delicious.

Answer #15

My favorite pie is carmel apple pie right out of the oven topped with vanilla ice cream. But my all time favorite desert is hot fudge sunday cake topped with ice cream!

Answer #16


Answer #17


Answer #18

Anything chocolate!

Answer #19

That’ oreo pie sh*t. & Cupehcakes fersure :3 <3

Answer #20

Cheese cake,Cup cakes and choclate lmfao :)

Answer #21

yes banoffe pie or strawberries in choc. its nearly org-asmic YUMMY!!

Answer #22

Haha, great answer Juan.

Answer #23

Nice :)

Answer #24

Oreos in my ice scream is also great.

Answer #25


Answer #26

Carmel :O That sounds delicious, I wonder if my mom has ever heard of those.

Answer #27

Skittkes my fav and I forgot to add brownies right next to the apple pie :D

Answer #28


Answer #29

Oh can you tell me what exactly is Trifle, I bet it’s delicious. Thanks for answering Gabby.

Answer #30

Mine too, I recently tried pumpkin bread warm out of the oven and it was amazing.

Answer #31

Always the best :D

Answer #32

Same here, best ice cream I have tried, vanilla mixed with a caramel swirl and chunks of dark chocolate. The best ever :D

Answer #33

I have tried fresh blueberries but never in a pie, sounds awesome though.

Answer #34

My moms fav :)

Answer #35

That’s one I have never tried yet :)

Answer #36

Well you can put a bunch of differrent things in Trifle, everyone makes theirs different. We have sponge cake, fruit, jelly, custard, cream and brandy. You just cut the cake up into squares and place it aswell as the fruit and jelly around the bowl and add the custard, cream and brandy and then do so again creating layers. :D

Answer #37

Boston cream pie Banana Cream Pie Cheese cake

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