Favorite obscure bands?

I love music of all types, and I seem to have a knack for finding 'new' talent, or bands/singers/djs that are relatively unheard of. What are you guy's favorites? List a few for different genres, too... Love to see what you guys got...

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they are a techno group around austin,tx, 3 hours from where I live. they're young, but they have one really good song about unicorns (yes, unicorns). it is absolutely hilarious!

but seriously, this guy name Rhett Butler. AMAZING guitar player. lives in denton, plays in dallas (texas, of course). I think he's trying to get more publicity.

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Paramore is a pretty big name where I'm from. But they did used to sleep on my friend's couch

I love The Stiletto Formal, Darci Cash, Jupiter Sunrise, I Hear Sirens, Lykke Li, God's Revolver, Nothington, Incaera, Moros Eros, Hometown Anthem, Lydia, The Hanks, The Madman Chronicles, Hopesfall, Tolchock Trio, Pilot This Plane Down, and bunches of others.!.

Lots of differing styles too.
They all have myspace pages.

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The Band U2
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not many people no paramore theyre awesome check em out!

the band Vintage

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oh, rhett butler is on itunes, by the way.

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