What would be your one favorite last meal if the earth were to end tomorrow?

Answer #1

Mine would definitely be a full meal completely with appetizers sides, desserts. I would have bruschetta, then a nice all beef hot dog with mayonnaise, onions, honey mustard with a nice toasted bun, can’t be the crappy store bought ones :D. Yes I’m a loser, all I would want is a hot dog.Then for dessert I would have a cheesecake fried tortilla.

Answer #2

lmao no offense but what bad food to choose sis!

Answer #3

SHADDUP! :D I say it’s good.

Answer #4

I agree but also some spicy coleslaw on the hot-dog…

Answer #5

The biggest, juiciest piece of steak with homemade mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli mmmmm.. and an ice cold pepsi. With mint n chip ice cream for dessert :D Whatever, I’m boring. lol

Answer #6

Mine would be mix and match, because I love all kinds of food. So I would have a big meal complete with a cucumber sandwich, cottage cheese, fajitas, my man’s curry and rice, my best friend’s tater tot casserole, some pistachios, an egg roll, almond chicken, shrimp salad, potato salad, spicy beef jerky and some orange juice to top it all off. lol. I may not finish it all, but I want a taste of all my favorites if the world is going to end.

Answer #7

Something involving sweet potatoes

Answer #8

If I’m honest, probably dessert haha.

Answer #9

Prawn cocktail, spaghetti bolagnase, nasi goreng, taco, mashed potato with pumpkin, for dessert; spider (ice cream and coke), pecan pie, penut butter cups, my nans fudge. hey, Id like to go out with a bang nd a full stomach =D

Answer #10

Anything Mexican. I love Mexican food.(:

Answer #11

I would eat the best tasting, and most unhealthiest foods available. Anything from popular candies, smoothies, fruit salads, ice cream combinations, doughnuts, ect. I would love to eat all that, because my parents never let me eat most of that stuff, because it either was too unhealthy for me, or the common excuse saying they don’t have money for things that are not important. That would just be my dessert, for the actual meal I would get my whole family from Colombia together and we would all contribute to a nice big dinner consisting of the famous Colombian platter (arepa, chorizo, rice, beans, steak, avocado, chicharrón, and ripe plantain). Yum Yum.

You can look at here, http://funadvice.com/r/14qi5ffk60d coincidentally, me and the author of that article, both (Colombian) picked that as our last meal.

Answer #12

If I knew for sure that the earth was going to end tomorrow, I think it would put me off my food so much that I did not want to eat anything. If I was already that hungry that I did want to eat something it would be what ever came to hand - maybe I would not even want to damage my memories of the favourites by eating them with an impaired appetite even if they were available. . Of course in reality, we never know when our last meal might be. Knowledge of that fact does not make many people insist that they should always eat their favourite meal just in case. . I have only once heard of one individual who always ate his favourite meal - he had eaten the same full Christmas dinner menu every meal for several years.
. If I tried that I would quickly become heartily sick of it. . Yes, on mature reflection I think with just one day to go, I would weigh myself and say that’s not bad, best not have anything else - I might just put on a bit too much weight. .

– Best wishes Majikthise. .

Answer #13

tamales? :D

Answer #14

I’ve never eaten those before :O but I bet they would taste yummy :D

Answer #15

Instead of being such a smarty pants, you could just look past the scientific facts here, and answer the question. lol. Pretend you’re already dead, but you somehow have a mind, and you’re remembering back to the last meal you had before you died. If you could have eaten anything your heart desired, what would it have been?

Answer #16

:o they are

Answer #17

My dad’s grilled Steak with the spices he uses, with home made mashed potatoes and gravy, vegitables, fried green tomatoes, home made iced tea, and home made apple pie ( and if i knew it was the last day, a joi*t split with freinds ). cuz when i die im gona be happy when it comes.

Answer #18

Then I must be boring too…u can never go wrong with a nice steak…but I think I will have a cold beer instead of a pepsi :D

Answer #19

U can never go wrong with a hotdog in my opinion :D

Answer #20

Dam…that sounds so good…tell your dad to grill another steak for me too :D

Answer #21

Ikr haha…don’t think about so much and say what the hell, let’s go out in style and eat like a pig :D

Answer #22

Awesome…that is what i say…who gives a crap if it’s no good for u…you’ll be dead the next day so i say go for it

Answer #23

tamales are excellent…but i still need my tacos though lol

Answer #24

All excellent choices lol

Answer #25

skip the dinner crap and just eat ice cream and pies haha

Answer #26


Answer #27

Nice…I want some authentic New York style pizza, a huge chocolate cake…some spicey beef jerky…one bag of gummy bears…and a bottle tequila lol. Who cares if i get a belly ache…gonna be dead in the morning anyway :D

Answer #28

Excellent choices :)

Answer #29

ooh, tequila, that’s a great choice too. And new york style pizza is pretty bomb too, but I have enough food listed as is, lol

Answer #30

Just telling the truth, which is very specifically that I honestly believe that if I knew the whole wold would end within 24 hours and all my friends and loved ones were going to perish with me along with the whole human race, I would not have any desire to eat. That is exactly how I have felt in the past when I have had advance notice of the imminent death of a loved one, and also how I have felt for sometime after learning of the unexpected death of another loved one.

Sorry if you don’t like the fact that I happen to know my own mind and am predisposed to realism & telling the truth, rather than playing what would for me be merely a delusional game.

Answer #31

well i figured i might as well be good and tanked. Any bad habits u gave up, bring them all back for the final time. lol

Answer #32

You don’t know how to play pretend man, you completely disregarded my scenario. You wouldn’t know it was the end of the world.

Answer #33

any meal from TGI Friday’s, with a margarita on the side =))

Answer #34

Hi @Jessica But I originally responded to the OP….. “ stephen421 “…… and it is not clear in his post that one would be unaware that “the end was nigh” the assumption would have to be that something was going to happen otherwise you would not no it was to be your last meal in order to even make a choice of your favourites.

Anyhow, in your scenario (assuming I was unaware that the end was nigh) and just wanted to celebrate for some obscure reason,

my favourite would be a bottle of cask strength Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky washed down with a gallon or so of “Abbott Reserve” Real Ale. If it really was going to be tomorrow (25 Jan 2011) it would be Burns Night, so I would also have some Haggis, Neaps and Tatties.

And celebrate with a recital of the “Ode to a Haggis”


– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #35

I don’t want a hangover in the afterlife! :D

Answer #36

Umm pizzas,burgers,ice creams,drinks,hot dogs,cookies,donuts,nachos with salsa,meat ball with spagetti and a hell lot of Chips

Answer #37

anything at cracker barrell

Answer #38

A 20 foot table filled with different items to eat which would include: Massive bowl of happy brownies (Just for the appetite), Beef Steak, Beef Ribs, Pork Chops, Pork Ribs, Sweet and Sour Pork, Char Sue Pork, Lamb Chops, Lap Chong, Big Fat Grilled Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp. It should still have food left by the time the world ends but honestly i would just prefer to spend the last day with the ones i love eating what they want. But now ya made me think of it and now i know. lol.

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