What's your favorite FunAdvice moment?

Everyone has a special spot on FunAdvice. So I want to know, what’s your favorite FunAdvice moment?

Mine was when I signed up, the best decision I have made involving the internet, and another has to do with making Colleen my mentor. =D

Answer #1

Um.. the funniest thing is interacting with the other users. I like our dorky random rambling.. especially the ‘’chocolate’’ ‘’sex’’ conversation lol..

Answer #2

I love coming online in the evenings and seeing obnoxious spamming, trolling, and offensive comments all from the same person. Then going online 10 minutes later to see that person kicked off the site haha.

Answer #3

oh! also, the funniest thing was Harry Potter. I know he broke the rules, but he made me laugh harder than anything. A person mentioned something being stuck in their throat, and Harry told them to drink some pumpkin juice, and if it still didn’t feel better, to visit Madam Promfrey lmao… he got deleted though. I hope that person got better answers.. =/

Answer #4

lol me too! Especially the purse lady… :O

Answer #5

Ohhh with the fake Chanel purses? Ah haha it took a few days to get her off, if I remember correctly!

Answer #6

LAWWWWL when that pharmacist hijacked the site >. .< cuz I’m weird like that.

Answer #7

When somebody was doing riddles and another person kept answering them all right in return for points, but I showed everyone she was cheating by making up a riddle off the top of my had that she couldnt google, mwahhaa

Answer #8


Answer #9

This is going to sound bad, but I love the little brawls that start up sometimes. I mean, usually they’re out of good fun. X]

Answer #10

I love those too!!! xD

Answer #11
  • LAWWWL when that pharmacist hijacked the site! And also I like reading the fights cuz I’m weird like that.* I dunno why my answer didn’t all show up O.o
Answer #12

My favorite moment was calling out a certain persons “tattoo” for being obviously fake and ink….its hilarious when you catch someone lying and they get mad. Some other favorite moments: Waking up to Irenes incredibly sweet birthday funmail this morning. Catching 2 underage users at the same time by their own stupidity admitting their age to each other on the boards. Colleen being made an Admins - its helped so much since shes always on.

Answer #13

all i can say is “ill bangz you hard”


Answer #14


Answer #15

I don’t know about any moments in particular really. There are people I like talking to through FunMail I suppose. And when I give someone advice, or something they genuinely love, that’s usually pretty cool.

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