Favorite bands?

self explanitory, im into all that metall, emo, and screemo junkk so heres a list of my fav bands :D 30 seconds to mars, Three days grace, System of a down, Sum 41, slipknot, silverstein, senses fail, rise against, The red jumpsuit apparatus, Rammstein, Parkway drive :), Metalica, Linkin park…ehh, LIL WAYNE :D, From autumn to ashes, Flyleaf, Evergreen terrace, DragonForce, Disturbed, the devil wears Prada :), Citizen cope - let the drummer kick Bullet for my valentine breaking benjamin Before their eyes atreyu All that remains Alexisonfire ALSEANAAA<3

So just post your fav bands here ;)

Answer #1

I love those bands too.

Some of my favs are:

The Misfits Blink 182 Creature Feature Rise Against ../ ../ Cute is What We Aim For Hawthorne Heights Cheap Trick Cobra Starship The Click Five Counting Crows Creed The Elders The Doors Dropkick Murphys

And a ton more. lol

Answer #2

I just gotta say the beatles and led zeppelin.

Answer #3

MCR Cute is what we aim for Atreyu Nirvana three days grace mayday parade hollywood undead sum 41 system of a down slipknot flyleaf killswitch engage

—some of my favorites

Answer #4

Those are some good bands

Here are my favorites

Linkin Park Slipknot Sucide Silence Nirvana Metalica System of a Down The Offspring Korn Limb Bizkit Deftones Nine Inch Nails The Agonists Story of the Year Serj Tankian Hersey Divine Dragon Force Trapt

Some raps good, the majority is crap

Lil wayne Kanye West Eminem Three six mafia ( Doe Boy Fresh is the only song I like) Lil John Tupac Solja Boy ( Crank that Solja boy is the only song I like)

The rest all suck

Answer #5

• Led Zeppelin • Black Sabbath • Jimi Hendrix • AC/DC • Metallica • Nirvana • Van Halen • The Who • Guns N’ Roses • KISS • Aerosmith • Sex Pistols • Queen • Soundgarden • Pink Floyd • Cream • Ramones • Ozzy Osbourne • The Clash • Alice Cooper • Pearl Jam • Deep Purple • Judas Priest • Iron Maiden • Gun • Motorhead • Iggy Pop • Rush • Mötley Crüe • Red Hot Chili Peppers • Def Leppard • The Doors • Rage Against The Machine • Alice in Chains • Reo Speedwagon • Green Day • Fleetwood Mac • Journey • Foghat • Elvis Presley • Ted Nugent • The Kinks • Dire Straits • ZZ Top • Pantera • Scorpions • The Rolling Stones • Kingdom Come • Smashing Pumpkins • Slayer • Thin Lizzy • Faith No More • Korn • Sonic Youth • Blue Oyster Cult • White Zombie • Heart • Anthrax • Bad Company • Muderdolls • Jethro Tull • Ministry • Boston • Steppenwolf • The Cult • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts • Evanescence • Aerosmith • Megadeth • Living Colour • Lynyrd Skynyrd • Foo Fighters • Twisted Sister • Pat Benatar • Spinal Tap • Bon Jovi • Hole • Marilyn Manson • Ratt • Toto • Pixies • Queensryche • My Chemical Romance • UFO • Whitesnake • Foreigner • Nazareth • The Police • Jefferson Starship • Rainbow • Danzig • Quiet Riot • Styx • Yes • Steve Winwood • Meat Loaf • Andrew W.K • LostProphets • Asia


Answer #6

omg… soundgarden temple of the dog system of a down audioslave serj tankian deftones amy winehouse the nightwatchman led zeppelin nirvana scars on broadway alice and chains band of horses beastie boys ben harper the beatles biggie smalls eminem tupac nwa john mayer interpol ray charles johnny cash gorillaz red hot chili peppers radiohead jack johnson the white stripes the raconteurs sublime chris cornell tool perfect circle dropkick murphys violent femmes rage against the machine

damn theres…too…many

Answer #7



Answer #8

Dude you can’t like emo and metal, just like you can’t put nortenos and surenos together hahaha But here are a few

Mayhem Darkthrone Gorgoroth Immortal VENOM! 1349 Carptithian forrest Sodom Kreator Bathory Anthrax Celtic frost Carcass Mortician Cranium Burzum Death Disrupt Phobia Emperor Hirax Iced earth Obituary Limbonic art Sear bliss Nokturnal mortum Municipal waste Morbid angel Nactmystium Napalm death NUCLEAR ASSAULT! Rapid fire(az) Testament Slayer Tankard Symphony x And manny more…

Answer #9

Well there not ALL screemo but here are mi fave bands: Slipknot Disturbed bullet for mi valentine Maroon5 Three days Grace Cold play Fall out boy Red jumpsuits My chemical Romance Click Five Evanescene <333 From Autumn to Ashes

I also like: Jack Johson Gavin Degraw(( loveee his song in love with a girl)) Aly & Aj ((OMG LOVE there song no one and chemical React)) Natasha Bedingfield Mariah Carey Jojo Leona Lewis ((bleeding love)) Kate Perry ((Kissed a girl is a GREAT song)) extc. I like lots a different bands and music I’m juss tew lazy tew type anymore lol :)

Answer #10

Most of these bands suck

Answer #11

I like Green Day tew,and Trivium and Linkin Park tew! I also like Aly&Aj especially there song No one and chemical react! I like Gabon degraw,Jack Johnson, From autumn to ashes,Escape the fate is good to!! I like LOTS and Lots of music!! R&B isn’t all that bad either I like Lil Wayne and any-yo and Chris Browns okayy tew! I like variety!

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