Favorite band?

Whats your fav band & whats your fav song by that band ?
I have 2
30 seconds to mars the kill
The used earthquake

[[im really board rite now btw]]

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Beloved- Death to Traitors

In the Face of War- Who Will Be There
Nine Words

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Avenged Sevenfold. DUH! NO COMPARISON!!! I absolutely LOVE ALL of their songs!

What's your favorite old band?

ANSWER #3 of 10

mindless self indulgeance-SHUT ME UP

Who is your favorite Band member?
ANSWER #4 of 10

Bullet for my Valentine- Waking the Demon

What's your favorite bands/ artists?

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Nirvana- every song they ever made

Favorite bands
ANSWER #6 of 10

Jonas Brothers - Pushing Me Away

I love all their songs so that was really hard! haha (:

Who are your favorite emo & metal bands?

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Bring Me the horizon - For stevie wonders eyes only and pray for plagues

Favorite indie,myspace and underground bands?
ANSWER #8 of 10

animale I've become


What's your favorite band from the Folk-Rock movement in the 60's?

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It's not my time-3doors down!

3OH!3 is my absolute favorite band, anything similar to them?
ANSWER #10 of 10

empty walls-serj tainken

Favorite Obscure Bands?

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