What's your favorite animal print?

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Wolves or Lizards :D

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Tigers! (:

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Zebra, i think the white and black look really good together :p

favorite stores?
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Scales. Dragon scales.

Anime Cons.

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Zebra and leopard. I looove them!

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White tiger

Favorite gemstones?

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tiger here as well :)

Pat of http://funadvice.com/r/15o1qdh2dnl

Whats your favorite type of shoes?
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Leopard/Cheetah prints or Zebra prints?

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Leopard. I have leopard everything, even in non-leopard colors, kind of cheesy but I can't seem to do without them even for the last 25 years...

What are your favorite pieces of clothing/jewelry/hair accessories from Forever 21?
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White tiger, cheetah and zebra! :)

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Alligator print, like on guess purses!!

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