What are your two favorite albums of all time?

The reason I said two, was to make it easier because there are so many in different categories of music.

Answer #1

MeatLoaf- Bat out of Hell 1 and Pink Floyd- The wall

Answer #2


Answer #3

I have a good story about the bat out of hell album. Will tell ya sometime. Why I couldn’t stand to hear it for a few years after that, but now I like it again.

Answer #4

I’d e interested in hearing it. Love the way the album tells a continuing story

Answer #5

ah very difficult seeing as i rarely like all the songs on one album…. but one ill always enjoy is Rammsteins “sehnsucht” album (‘97) and also the album “Veins” by a very obscure band called hypothermia ( http://funadvice.com/r/bs2cknd5a8d ) :O

Answer #6

REM - Automatic for the people Queen - A kind of Magic

Answer #7

For me, one is easier than two. Donovan, “Gift From a Flower to a Garden.” When I try to think of another, I can’t really choose a second clear favorite from among about a dozen candidates that come to mind.

Answer #8

Understand. I’ve never heard that but knowing you It’s good. I haven’t made my choices yet but two that come to mind are James Taylor greatest hits and Steve Earle shut up and die like an aviator. On another given day I might say The Carpenters or Match box 20. Music works on the mind does’nt it?

Answer #9

Willl funmail ya and tell ya soon

Answer #10

I forgot The Eagles, John Prine the Beatles abby road album. This is too hard !!! I can’t even answer my own question!!!!

Answer #11

Lol! It’s a tough question. Yeah, Abbey Road is pretty awesome. We’re going to see John Prine in August {:^) - and, even better, Leonard Cohen in December!!! {=^D Do you remember any of Donovan’s songs? Catch the Wind, Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow, Season of the Witch, Hurdy Gurdy Man, and Atlantis were his biggest “hits” (though mostly not among his best songs).

Answer #12

I do remember those songs and just now made the connectionI I know Leonard Cohen alittle, have one of his cd”s. I’ve seen Prine twice at small venues wich I think is the best, so much more personal. I’m a huge Prine fan. By the way, he owns his own record label now and has for several years. It’s ohboy records . com. You can find lots of great songwriters albums on there like Todd Snider for example. John sort of helps those folks out by sighning them because he knows how tough it is to get a major label to even listen. All the big boys care about is money and commercialized music. You should check it out.

Answer #13

I saw Prine a few times when I lived in Chicago in the ‘70s and he was first getting started (after being a mail carrier, if I remember right). I still remember him for his first two or three albums, and I doubt I’ve heard anything he’s done in the last 30 years, lol, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ll keep my eyes and ears out for ohboy music and Todd Snider, too. The remarkable thing about Donovan is that if I didn’t know better I would never think it possible that the performer of that list of fun but trivial hits could be one of my favorite artists, let alone created my favorite album of all time. But no one can match much of his less heralded early work for its beautiful imagery, nature mysticism, profound simplicity, and gentle, playful love poetry. He was the preeminent psychedelic free-loving troubadour flower child, as the title of the album I mentioned reflects (not to mention its cover photos: http://funadvice.com/r/3pkuqr831v. The second volume of that double album (titled “For Little Ones”) is especially a delight for young children, if you happen to know any.

Answer #14

On the other hand, among singer-songrwiters Leonard Cohen is the nearest thing to G!d, and everyone knows it. In fact, I should have said “Leonard Cohen Live In London” for my other favorite album. I didn’t think of it before, because I seldom listen to the CD. I either listen to the several older albums that those songs first appeared on, or I watch the DVD of the live performance. But it’s an excellent “best of” compilation, if you like live performances and don’t care so much about the chronology of the songs.

Answer #15

To bring you up to date on Prine, His writing has evolved quite abit in the last 30 years, but it’s still Prine—even better. The latest record is called ‘fair and square” One really excellent one is calles “the missing years”. You can find em all on the website.

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