What are your all-time favorite songs?

what’s your all-time favourite songs and y? -mine are 1)apologize by one rebulic and timbland. -because the singing voice is amazing. 2)numb by linkin park- The lyrics are so fab- love it ! 3)valerie by mark ronson and amy winehouse.-because she has a great voice.

Answer #1

teenagers my chemical romance I don’t know why I just luv it

animals nickel back luv drum solo

crank that soulja boy soulja boy lcause I can do the dance lol

Answer #2

~”Blackbird” by the Beatles, because of the message in the song ~”Invisible Touch” by Genesis, because it’s a classic ~”Got my mind set on you” by George Harrison, because it’s it’s a feel good 80s song ~”The Compromise” by The Format, because it always makes me happy when I hear it ~”Thinking about you” by Ash, because it’s a bittersweet love song ~”Sunburn” by Muse, because it has brilliant piano solos ~”Under the Gun” by The Killers, because it’s an example of the band when they were still indie ~”Sick Cycle Carousel” by Lifehouse, because it helps me vent my frustrations ~”Blue” by A Perfect Circle, because it helps me when I need to rationalise ~”Even Angels Fall” by Jessica Riddle, because it reminds me of past relationships ~”Untouchable” by Garbage, because it’s my ultimate “f4 you world!” song ~”Wine Red (Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Retouch)” by the Hush Sound, because it’s got a great beat, the singing is amazing, and it reminds me of good times with my best friend.

Just a few- it’s so hard to pick just one, and if I don’t stop now, I’ll be here all day!

Answer #3

Vermillian (pt.2)-Slipknot I get it-Chevelle Wait & Bleed-slipknot Until the end-Breaking Benjamin Diary of Jane-Breaking Benjamin Zzyzx Rd.-Stone Sour Good Times Bad Times-Godsmack Home-Bobaflex People = $hit-Slipknot

Answer #4

coffee - copeland there cannot be a close second - copeland priceless - copeland brightest - copeland numb, YES ! very good.. innocence - avril lavigne good enough - evanescence best wishes - this providence truth and reconciliation - this providence twisted system - this providence graduation - vitamin C

listen to copeland, theyre amazing :D hope you like emm..

Answer #5

thats so wieard because I love apologize by one rebulic and timbland
and I adore numb by linkin park I think lincon park has a great sound and whenever I here that song I feel like I have an outer body experance:) crazy huh!

Answer #6

swingset chain - loquat. - amazing. mayday parade - three cheers for five years [acoustic] - lyrics (L) royksopp - what else is there - just a proper ace song tbh


Answer #7

Mine are:

  1. Lithium- Evanescence (Amy Lee… enough said)
  2. Walk Away- Kelly Clarkson (Love the video and the vocals)
  3. Helena- My Chemical Romance (Great song all around)
  4. Keith Urban- Tonight I want to Cry (Love Keith Urban… )
  5. Boondocks- Little Big Town (saw it live, it was awesome!)
  6. The Scientist- Coldplay (Last song in the movie “Wicker Park”, it MAKES the scene)
  7. Silence- Sarah McLaughlin (From the movie “Brokedown Palace)
  8. Who Knew- Pink (just a good song)
  9. I’ll Be There for You- Bon Jovi (makes me want to put up my lighter or cell phone!)
  10. Walk Away- Christina Aguilera (great vocals)

Those are just some of my favorites, but I could never really put them in order, there are too many awesome ones!

Answer #8

My all time favorite songs are: ~Into the Night by Chad Kroeger and Santana, as Santana is the best guitar player that you could see, and I love Chad Kroegers’ voice. ~ American Pie by Don Mclean- It is a really fun song, and one of the few I can sing well. ~Hey there Delilah, as the lyrics are beautiful, no matter about the reason it was written. ~Dear Mr President by Pink, as it tells a lot of truth, and is sung beautifully.

That’s about it, but there is probably a few others I could class in my top ten.

Answer #9

if you like apologize, try the remix ft. lil wayne (:

Answer #10

better than me-hinder apoligize-tim baland tear drops on my guitar-taylor swift never too late- 3 days grace

Answer #11

Oh, yeah, I agree with greenchick_00 about Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. I also love The Black Parade, also by My Chemical Romance.

Answer #12

I agree…apologize is my favie :)))

Answer #13
  1. So Amazing by 50 cent
  2. Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown
  3. Smack that by Akon 4 Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne 5 Can’t leave em alone by Ciara 6 Candy Shop by 50 cent
  4. Long way 2 go by Cassie
  5. I want to love you by Akon
  6. Say good bye by Chris Brown
  7. Don’t matter by Akon
  8. Crank that by Soulja Boy 12.Like a boy by Ciara
Answer #14

I had to reply just because my favorite songs are completely different lol.

  1. “Somewhere in the Night” - Barry Manilow
  2. “Spirit of Radio” - Rush
  3. “Revolution” - Chopin (hey, its a song hehe)
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