What was your favourite childhood candy and what is your favourite now?

Answer #1

Tootsie rolls.. Lol & Now, anything gummy.

Answer #2

Those really big watermelon laffy taffies…I still love them but they hurt my teeth.

Answer #3

Skittles,Mike & Ike as a child-Snickers, Baby Ruth, Jelly Bellys combo boxes.

Answer #4


Answer #5

Bit O Honey is my favorite :)

Answer #6

TWIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Answer #7

Red licorice and Willy Wonka chocolate.

Answer #8

I still eat them now :3 whenever I get a box I finish it in like a minute. Oh god, now I want some.

Answer #9

Skittles then, Skittles now, Skittles forever

I also like nerds, m&m’s and anything sweet really

Answer #10

I love nerds! They disappeared here for a while, so I would get really excited when I found them.

Answer #11

Back then Marshmellow Ice Cream Cones!!!! lol or Warheads omg those things were so popular! Now would be… not sure I really have one now.. It’s more I want cake or fudge! lol

Answer #12

My nostalgic kid candy - those little strawberry candies that are wrapped like strawberries :3 Or a warhead. I was a beast and could eat like 20 billion at a time. I also liked pixie sticks and laffy taffys but the #1 is probably the strawberry things.

My current one as of today - Eh, It changes so often aha. At the moment though I’d say..(lol ive sat here for like 10 mins trying to decide) ….butterfinger? No… AH. Tic Tacs, orange.

Answer #13

twix<3 , nerds:D im still a nerd fan:D and i still LOVE twix:D

Answer #14

I like recees :) Also fun dip and warheads

Answer #15

I love all candy when I was a kid and still like all candy :-)

Answer #16

Childhood: Runts Now:Reeces big cups

Answer #17

Brooke, my husband saw a pack of those marshmellow ice cream cones recently and bought them, to relive his childhood. He ate one and couldn’t believe how sicky-sweet they were! He ended up throwing the rest out!

Answer #18

I used to love these things they only sold in the UK - they were yellow paper tubes filled with sherbert (a sourish type of powder) with a stick of black licorice to suck out all the sherbert. I don’t live in England any more so I haven’t seen them for 30 years. Maybe someone can let me know if they’re still around, what they were called.

Now I love Kit Kats and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, oh, and gummy cola’s and sour gummy worms :)

Answer #19


Answer #20

Hard to choose, back then I liked Wonderballs —> http://funadvice.com/r/161vdd5uuae Which aren’t around anymore :/ Now it’s a tie between Twix and Kit-kats. Basically…anything chocolatey c;

Answer #21

Tootise rolls, Butter fingers, push pops, mike&ikes , Razzles, POP ROCKS,

Answer #22

I used to eat wonderballs and a certain grape gum (both aren’t sold anymore). Now I love Whoppers or tootsie rolls

Answer #23

As a kid my favorite was Heath Bars but Butterfinger and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups were close seconds.

Now my favorite is Toblerone dark.

Answer #24

Skittles while a kid, Snickers as an adult!

Answer #25

i didn’t like candy back then…when i was a kid i loved things like coconut squares and oranges! nowadays though, i like FUDGE

Answer #26

ah too many to count, Cadbury eggs, Toblerone, everything Milka, and 50 other brands i cannot recall right now :O

Answer #27


Answer #28

When I was little I loved Laffy Taffy. Now gummies are my favorite

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