Why do fat people hate on skinny people?

How come it is all the fat people calling skinny people sticks, beanpoles, anorexic blah blah blah etc... when we arent the ones with fat hanging over are thighs... Breathing hard when we do sumthing... Doubling are portions... dropping over with heart attacks and heart problems... so why do fat people do it then they just jealous yah I think so... not that I make fun of fat poeple... I mean some poeple are fat because they have health problems and stuff... I mean poeple who are fat and do nothing but pick on skinny people... whats your opinion?

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I feel your pain. Everyday at school people say behind my back 'she's so skinny' or 'that girl needs some meat on her bones.' Heck, even one of my FRIEND makes horrible jokes about me being skinny. It's tough when you got to live through it, and since I'm in my early teens, my metabolism is still high so it makes it harder for me to gain weight.

It really pisses me off when overweight/chunky people (not meant to be offensive) are always dissing you or calling you 'anorexic' or 'beanpole' when they themselves are not in the place to say that. And suddenly when you make fun of a fat person everyone is against you, but when someone makes fun of a skinny person people shrug it off like it's nothing.

What these people don't realize is that the media has a lot to do with it. Fat people aren't the only one who have it rough.

Sometimes the media prefers skinny/thin looking people, but I don't think they expect stick-bone body that some people like us have, etc. Keira Knightley. (I don't think she's anorexic IMO) Some people have low self-esteem, which may be the reason why they make fun of skinny people.

I know what it feels like to not fit in, especially when all you see are beautiful thin people in television and stuff. But you got to look at both ways and understand where they're coming from.

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There's a difference between being skinny and just being fit.

Unhealthily skinny is just as bad as unhealthily obese.

If I see someone with bones sticking out... I'm going to tell them they need to eat something before their stomach implodes. I think it's disgusting to see someone malnourished just as I find it disgusting to see someone so obese that they cannot even walk.

I'm not going to lie... I have a bit of a muffin top and I wish I was about 10 - 15 lbs lighter but I'm happy. I used to be thinner, but I was unhappy. All I ate was watermelon and cantaloupe and I was extremely depressed - to the point where the army thought I was suicidal. I used to be in a very demeaning relationship where my diet and portions were controlled and I was constantly badgered to work out. Now I'm much happier with a man who actually loves me for who I am, not who he can change me into.

In the end, we all want to be what we're not. It's in our nature to compete. And if we're not winning... regardless if it's weight, make up, hair etc... humans tend to go for insults to make them feel better.

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Maybe its just cause they are jealous. Or maybe they are natuarlly mean.

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They are usually just jelous.
Lets face it...
we live in a world where if you weigh 10 pounds then your hot.
Maybe not 10 pounds... =O lol
(the world is sick aye?)

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lol. I notice that too. I think they do it because they are insecure with themselves.

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yah what is it with that they say you should get some meat on your bones when they they dont live with you... How do they what you eat?

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Skinny people take the p*ss out out of fat people.
Fat people take the p*ss out of skinny people.
Not everyone, but people do. Unfortunetly thats how some people see life. Your appearence.
Ah well x

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wel uuh my sisters bones stik out like her ribcage but shes eats we'll be walking down the road and people have thrown food at her yelling bullimic & ano but hey it happens

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It's okay to tell someone who is skinny, "you need to eat more, you look so gross" but if someone is over weight they are "beautiful" and like jo7 said "real". The only thing that bothers me about this is that if people are aloud to call skinny people discusting, we should be aloud to call overweight people discusting too. (and by that I mean, it shouldnt be an issue or anything) :)

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I'm in no way skinny and I still get that. People at work tell me I need to eat or get some meat on my bones (trust me I have enough meat on my bones lol)

I guess cause it's ok for a larger person to say things about a smaller person's weight but not vice versa.


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I'm a size 8 & you would think I was a size zero the way My whole family carry on & say I'm skinny, it p*sses me off because I'm not thin, I've got chunky legs I think. Before I had my children, they never commented on my size but now they expect me to stay large after being pregnant,(4 stone more!!!) I eat to live, not live to eat!
Why is it too that fat people on telly call themselves 'REAL' I'm 'REAL' TOO!

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well im not talking about unhealthy skinny were the bones stick out im talking about my skinny like fit but I mean my ribs dont show and stuff ewww maybe just a kitte bit of the bottom... but what makes me mad is people will say I need to eat more but I eat triple my normal portion I just got a fast metaboliusm or whatever... Like if my mom makes steak I eat two... I just eat extra and still cant gain a pound... and no im not sick or diseased people I've been to the doctorts and she said im completely normal poeple just think they know what a normal weight is...

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I think it simply goes back to the point why any person hates on another their just simply jelous and simply trying to get the attention off of their own insecurities and putting it on the skinny person . I had a friend erin who was almost 6 foot and weighed 100lbs everyone was always badgering her how she needed to eat more and gain more weight how she was annorexic and belemic when in reality this girl ate a lot I guess it can be really fustrating when people are constantly badgering you to gain weight

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urgh this wont delete! sorry

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and do you think us skinny people enjoy looking at belly flabs hanging out of shirts?
And what if the people with bones showing cant help how skinny they are... What if they eat eat eat and dont gain...Im not making fun of fat poeple because some fat poeple have troubles either losing or have health problems causing them to be fat... Im just saying if you dont know a person or what they eat at home how do you have room to talk and call them skinny, beanpole, anorexic... or say YOU NEED SOME MEAT ON THOSE BONES GIRL!!! Im told that about 3 times a week by different people... And I eat like a pig...

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Most people not just fat people asume that skinny bone looking people do not eat because in todays media thats how it is portrayed. Realistically they are probably right for saying skinner people look anorexic because most are now but then again we live in a judgemental society and therefore will probably never get over our sterotypical ways. Honestly it's not a big deal compared to other things out there

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I could be entirely wrong with this, but I don't think anyone means to be harmful when they say stuff like this. Fat or skinny. I don't think they say it out of jealousy either. I think people believe they are just being silly by being over dramatic, and since other people say it and "normalize it", it sticks and isn't considered harmful. Even if it may be. They probably look at you, know you are in good shape, and assume self confidence when it comes to looks, cause they see every reason for you to be self confident. So in joking, though hurtful, it is kind of like a double compliment in their minds. Acknowledging your appearance and self confidence while trying to be silly. And yeah it's a bit backwards, but very well could be what's going on.

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