How does my fashion sketch look?

Okay so I really love designing, its what I wanna do. I cant start making clothes or learning about stitches and stuff until June, so Im sketching until then. This is my third sketch, it took me about ten minutes to do. I know the flow is missing a lot of details, the colour is bland, the body is weirdly shaped (head is to small for body) which throws off the clothes a little. But other then that, what do you guys think?

Answer #1

Whoops forgot to upload

Answer #2

And I just revised it coz the purple was not nearly dark enough

Answer #3

Wow, I think it is beautiful…You are very talented…Hope to see more!

Answer #4

Thank you so much! You just made my week:D

Answer #5

awe, I am glad…you truly deserve it…it’s a beautiful design. I dabbed a few back in my first year of HS. Too bad I didnt hv a chance to go to the school I already signed up for & actually got in! My mother was over protective & didnt allow me to go to a school because it so far away. After so many fights I just gave up to have some peace & quiet. I gave up on designing and never looked back even though I had a lot of knowledge in the sewing industry.(parents owned a factory so I practically grew up around the machinery and knew how to operate them.) Wanted to be a designer/stream stress but oh well…That is life… Good Luck to you!

Answer #6

It is a nice sketch, but it is not pattern design, and if this is what you would like to do I would really research this. My wife has a degree in fashion design and drawing a pattern looks like a big pain in the butt to me, but what do I know, I just a geek.

Answer #7

lol, your not a geek…just great in computers…:P

How are you btw…long time no speak! How’s the new Spa?

Answer #8

Thanks, yep I know about patterns and stuff. But see next year I have a four year course that teaches me anything and everything, and they teach me how to sketch clothes, drape them on a manequin, then create the pattern. So Im focusing on my drawing so long

Answer #9

Im starting sewing mid year. My grandmother designs everything and anything, so Im learning the basics, like cutting and sewing paterns. Then I’ll just practise until I know exactly what Im doing, then I’ll start creating my own designs.

Answer #10

How do you think it looks?

Answer #11

I think it lacks enough detail, but Im working on it

Answer #12

Then keep working on it. I am “in the zone” sometimes and not at others. Keep sketching. Your work is lovely.

Answer #13

It looks very cute! :D

Answer #14

tyr adding more details, i do sketches too, you should see mine

Answer #15

Put something like a personal pattern.

Answer #16

its very nyceee… why don’t u try fr ny world sketching competition…:):P;)

Answer #17

It looks really good, but I think you should practice on adding detail and shading to your drawings. As well, wrinkles and such on the clothing.

Answer #18

It looks really good, but I think you should practice on adding detail and shading to your drawings. As well, wrinkles and such on the clothing.

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