What if your farts smelled like roses but had a ridiculously loud noise?

Answer #1

Then we’d all smell fantastic but be loud all at the same time. This is a strange question lol

Answer #2

I know right! We’d all be like “Yummm did you smell that guys gas!”

Answer #3

hreat for dates.. :D jk jk jk but it wuld be cool. :)

Answer #4

you are disgusting…it made a loud noise so that people that couldnt see heard that you farted…but aint no fart that smells like roses…not even the hottest sexiest person alive unless they had a rose bush growing fm inside they A-holes…(not being realistic here on purpose hermanito!)

Answer #5

u are grossssssssss!

Answer #6

lol if only we could really say that about others

Answer #7

Which is why I said “what If” context clues lady :P

Answer #8

Gah what kind of question is this? This is me attempting to answer your question like you wanted :) Ummm.. Err.. Then everyone would want to do because they didn’t smell? Then again it made a really loud noise.. LOOK at me! I’m answering a question about impossible farts. I don’t know how to respond to this question. Sorry/: I tried though! :D

Answer #9

u are still gross thinking about that !

Answer #10

Then it’d be easy to deny ever farting.. you could just blame the noise on a passing truck.. or a zipper.. then they’d believe you and think ‘’Hmm.. if he really did fart, the room would smell horrible, not like roses!’’

Answer #11

good answer…well said!

see hermanito even Hanna thinks you are tan loco! Donde estas tu cavesa? hold up we know the answer to that one…en tu cullo!:P

Answer #12

What’s so gross about it? It’s just a joke like haha. Don’t take it too seriously

Answer #13

sorry that was a private joke that went public…:P Hermanito now look what you did…causin drama on the site…:)

Take it easy Katarina….we are all joking as in ha ha ha! Dont assume things, for pete’s sake dont k!ll me in the process as well! Please lighten up…! Did you not see the :P after he wrote that to me…sheesh!

Answer #14

Why are you acting so offended by it? Excuse me if I didn’t get the sarcastic joking of it all. This is the internet. Don’t k!ll me!

Answer #15

Miguel sometimes i wonder about you,

Answer #16

this is the weirdest question I’ve seen but I think people would either be way more offended or way less offended

Answer #17

LOL no more roses for dates or valentines… just gas :DD

Answer #18

How awesome would that be? Never having to purchase perfume or deodorant again. If I’m feeling a bit sweaty or run down, I could let one rip and the aroma would give me an extra freshness. No more discrete “oh it’s not me, I’m innocent” looks in the lifts. Image never having to enter a smelly toilet cubic ever again…..ohhhhhh how devineeeeeee.

Answer #19

id sell my farts in a jar for fifty quid and put a lable on it to say channel no. 5.1——-on teh richter scale

Answer #20

haha, i loveeeeeeeeeee Chanel No. 5. I”m so going to queue up and sleep on the pavement overnight, just to purchase a jar of your farts Matty, wanna be the first buyer. :-P

Answer #21

sold! and on teh house

Answer #22

You’re the one to talk lol :P

Answer #23

smell like Roses i would bring a nylon flower then fart on it and give it to my bestfriend or Bf for their B-day!

Answer #24

I am not acting offended gosh, it was a private joke that got public by MIGUEL…and this is how we talk to one another…no need for drama, not trying to argue with ya or pick a fight…sheesh Katarina…calm down…no one is attacking you.

Answer #25

id be laughing my @ss off all the time XD

Answer #26

This is such a great idea. I always thought it would be funny if farts were green clouds so you’d know who really did it :)

Answer #27

lol ooh shush xD

Answer #28

That would be good but I’d probably still be embarressed by the sound. You can’t deny it wasn’t you. But the smell of roses would be nice!

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