Who's a fan of Miley Cyrus?

(Ignoring the bong incident, “scandalous photos”, multiple boyfriends in a short period of time, the racy clothing, and twitter rap.)

Answer #1

No merci. I don’t like her music, nor her acting all that much ;o. The way she talks on Hannah Montana bugs me lol.

Answer #2

Hannah Montana is the past. I was never a huge fan of the show. The music I like, her latest album “Can’t Be Tamed” I really love a few of her songs because they have a meaning behind them. She’s not a deep artist, but some of the songs are just so beautiful it makes me wanna cry.

Answer #3

I thought she did really good in The Last Song. She can sing, but her voice isn’t very good. The sound of it I mean… I think she’s pretty. But probably stuck up just like most other stars are.

Answer #4

To just assume she’s stuck up shows what kind of person you are. Just being honest. She does a lot of charity work. She works with organizations like Get Ur Good On, TWLOHA, and others. She took a trip to Haiti and helped deaf children and adults hear with hearing aids. She’s really a kind hearted girl, who has made some mistakes that just get publicized and into the wrong hands

Answer #5

ummmm you’re the one who asked for my opinion, so don’t attack me. Not everyone is in love with miley cyrus like you are, so get over it. unless you’ve met the girl, you have no idea what kind of person she is. None of us do.

Answer #6

I’m not attacking you. I know there are alot of people who don’t like her. I’m just saying you shouldn’t assume someone is stuck up is all. I know alot of people disagree with the choices she made, I’m aware of this. :)

Answer #7

I read somewhere she is turning into quite the pothead lol.

Answer #8

Pot isn’t even a drug…. as long as she’s not on anything else that’s fine :)

Answer #9

It was a video from TMZ that showed her saying something about her Bob Marley cake at her birthday party.

Answer #10

Yea I don’t think its too huge of an issue, but the media has made something of it because of her long association with Disney. Isn’t she 18 already? So i guess she is an adult and can choose to do what she wants.

Answer #11

Not so much. I mean, I used to, because she seemed like a good role model for kids, but now..

Answer #12

She’s 19 now.

Answer #13

I don’t like her hannah montana act. Some of her music is actually really pretty when you listen to the live versions. She’s gorgeous. Her acting is..decent. I respect her as a person though. She’s living like any other teenager & she get so much sh!t for it.

Answer #14

i like her. yes, she has made some innapropriate mistakes, but shes not the only young celeb that has. she recently was told she was fat. she is not even close and she did not let that remark affect her which gave me a lot of respect for her

Answer #15

I used to like her before she went what I would call “crazy”. -.- I don’t know what happened to her I guess most would say she “grew up”, but you don’t have to grow up like that.. I love The Last Song and think she was great in it and I like hearing her sing, but am not going to be listening to her music much or put it on my iPod, because I don’t like all the attitude in it and the words are trash very often. -.- I don’t look at a song and say “It’s just a song” because songs affect the people that listen to them ever so slightly and I listen to my music like CRAZY. :P lol I would say I am still a fan of her’s, but not a follower.

Answer #16

one word: poop

Answer #17


Answer #18

Same here

Answer #19

I met her while i was in ecuador and she was really nice. I like her acting and i like her voice sure shes made mistakes but havent we all? Shes growing up and being diffrent i agree she shouldnt be growing up like that especially that she has so many kid fans but its her life and honestly i think shes a good person for doing what shes done.

Answer #20

And shes not stuck up. Just saying,.

Answer #21

I am

Answer #22

Yeah I also used too, but when I found out that she changed , and turned into a dirty addict, and stuff, My thoughts changed…fast!

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