Family Guy Inconsistencies

From watching Family Guy I have noticed that there are many inconsistencies with Family Guy. Family Guy aired in 1999. At the time Chris was claimed to be 13. If this is true then he should be 22 years old now, which he obviously isn’t because he is still in High School. Brian claims to be seven years old, yet he talks about his life in the 70’s and 80’s and has even made quotes from these time periods in which he couldn’t have lived in. If Brian is 7 years old then he wouldn’t have been born when the show started in 1999. Why are there so many inconsistencies in the show? Don’t the producers think about these things before they make the show? The show also takes place in real time because it mentions current things and also gives specific dates like 2004, when Brian told Peter He didn’t even know about 9/11 until 2004. So the storyline must be taken place in current time. There is also a Y2K episode that shows the Griffins in 2008. 8 years later why is Brian not dead, and Meg and Chris not in their early to mid twenties by now? Why are there so many inconsistencies? Please give suggestions. Thank You.

Answer #1

Seriously, if this sorta stuff shatters your world, don’t watch these programmes. I’d hate to see how you’d cope with an episode of Invader Zim…

Answer #2

Don’t forget that Brian is a dog.

7 in dog years is 49 in people years. So he has been alive in the 80s when he’s acting as a “person”.

Oh and many small dogs can live to be 15. He doesn’t necessarily have to be dead 8 years from now. I know a 14-year-old Chihuahua who is doing wonderfully.

Answer #3

because family guy f*cking rocks!! its just like any other cartoon, the simpsons havent grown up, the jetsons never grw up, neither did the flintones are any other tv show. the only one I know is the rugrats, but they should be around 20 now, not 12…thats the way cartoons are made. they dont grow up.

Answer #4

Its a CARTOON, who cares. Its just like any other cartoon, it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make the show any less funny or any less entertaining does it? Nope. Who really pays attention? I sure don’t…and whoever does has a little too much time on their hands.

Answer #5

Um what about the simpsons ? Bart has been 10 or so for the whole time…There is more to life than picking apart t.v shows we all love. lol. Go enjoy life.

Answer #6

The difference between this is that shows like the Jetsons aired in 1962-1963 which is only one year. The rugrats does not take place in real time. When I say this I mean no dates or years are ever given. Unlike Family Guy that gives dates from 1999 that are said in the show to 2008.

About the Brian comment true, Brian is middle Aged but still he is seven years old and shouldn’t have been alive before 2001.

Answer #7

Who cares its just a awsum show that everyone luves and if they were making there ages go up they would be haviong to make different facial features each year which would be hard because no just one person draws stewie and meg etc… and brian is 7 in human years but in dog years he would be like 50 or sufink… instead of piking up mistakes on shows why dont you just sit there and enjoy it trust me I hate people who sit there and pik up mistakes it really annouys me go and enjoy life instead of piking up mistakes on every show you watch

Answer #8

ok, the fact that you are worried that the cartoon charaters dont age is kinda wierd since the show has a dog that talks- that would be my main concern

Answer #9

ROFL wth who cares?! South park has REAL events and TIMES in their shows sometimes, and hey, Kyle and stan etc, are like, still 8 dude.

Chill (:

Answer #10

hmm well in TV shows that air repeatidly, characters generally dont age to aviod confusion and to keep consistancy

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