Fake pictures

How come one out of ever 4 people on here have fake pictures of other people on here? Do they seriously think people will fall for it?

Answer #1

haha people say that that isnt me either because so many people have taken pictures off my myspace and used them on their profiles its uber annoying so I had to delete my myspace facebook myyearbook and all that fun junk I didnt delete this because I doubt an insane number people know about this site…your right its ridiculous…oh well

Answer #2

people are taking other peoples pics pretty much everywere and yes, they do think it will fool people and it usually does most of the time its because people are insecure about themselves and they way they look

Answer #3

I don’t think its like 1 in 4, we usually catch most of them. Theres nothing wrong with people having pictures of other people uploaded, but if their caption says “This is me” or something like that and you know its not them (with proof) then you need to report it to us so we can take care of it.

Answer #4

I don’t have a pic because I’ve neve put a pic on the internet but yeah none’s perfect.Sometimes I love how I look and other times I don’t.People that post fakes ARE fakes!!!

Answer #5

LOL … I feel you on that but you know that every where on the net… I guess some people just dont like the way they look so the try to cover it up with another picture… Me myself im loven the way I look cause I feel I have to impress no one but the one I love…but hey if it makes them happy and they feel they can get more attention that way let them do what they have to do.

Answer #6

I HATE THAT! One of my friends had that happen to her. It was on some random girl’s myspace. She put up all her pictures and her name was something different. I found her too cause she was flirting with one of our friends. I was so angry. She eventually took it off because she was humiliated. If you don’t want to put a picture of your face, then I guess take a flower picture or a cartoon but not an actual person. It’s not fair.

Answer #7

I haave a realy pic of me and my b/f but my pic everyone sees is a bleeding rose… cause it is pretty lol

Answer #8

haha I totally noticed that yeah its annoying, like the girls who put fake pics of myspace celebs and actresses up and say its them I’ve called some people out on it and they blocked me lol whatever, its their self esteem issues and if they think all the attention they’re getting from it is real, they’re wrong because they’re fake to begin with

Answer #9

Matbe the fake pics are of their family members or something not ALL of them are fake, and I dont want to be m,ean but your pic looks kinda fake…message if you have an issue

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