Why are people I don't know adding me as friends?

how come people outta no where just keep asking random people to be there friend? like they dont realy know any thing about the person but they still send a friend invite? aint that fake? I can see if uv read there profile and like them for a person but they dont usualy take the time to do that, why is it sucha big deal to have a whole buncha friends if you dont know them?

Answer #1

haha nooo I aint!

Answer #2

I agree with everyone else it is about popularity.Like hey look at all my friend I have.Sometimes people add friends with the same interest.Or if they think the guy or girl is hot.I’ve seen a lot of profile like that.I do that myself sometimes on some sites.It’s just fun.

Answer #3

because you SEXY

Answer #4

Just to make new friends.

Answer #5

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  For when you were under 18, it was usually necessary for users older than 18 to make you their Friend before they could Fun Mail you.

Since you turned 18, besides just wanting Friends, many may like the advice you give and since the “Add me as a friend” link is on top of each of your Answers, it is very handy to click on it.

Answer #6

I dont have many frends on funadvice lol I add anyone that tries to add me

pple probly try to add you because they want to know you better and they think your cool

Answer #7

thats how everybody started meeting each other in the beginning you dont know anyone, so you make friends with people you dont know later on theyll become your friends and could introduce you to there friends, which you probably will also become friends with …nobody knows anyone untill they get to know them and they cant get to know them if theyve never met them

Answer #8

I got a lot of friends that I don’t know, half of which are at least very close to my area.. I Know a ton of my myspace friends, but I got a lot on there I don’t know too. For me, it’s networking, on myspace I can post bullitens whenever I put new songs up, and all of those people on my list get the bulliten. on here, I have a group I’m starting, CMP fan club lol, same idea though.. And some guys add girls just because they’re hot lol.. and some people are into the popularity contest, I just like knowing people are reading or hearing my work.

Answer #9

Well.. if you’re talking about websites like; MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster, etc. Personally that’s just normal, you know. Why? Usually there is this kind of popularity competition; you know, who got the most friends. I’m one of those kind of people you know. Usually, they search a certain name, interest, country, movies, etc. Then they just randomly add people. I like doing this kinds of things because if you open the profile first; it take way too many times, so usually they just randomly add people. And just like what teachel said, if the person responded the anonyomous friend adders, they’ll become friends usually. After all, the point of those kinds of websites are to make friends; cause I think it’s quite pointless adding people you already know.

Answer #10

I agree to but I dont think it shud be to popluar I think you shud add them if you intend to talk with them not if its just to get as many friends as tthey can

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