Do you think it's fair that a teacher get's fired because she previously was a prostitute?

Update : She didn’t get fired, she got moved to a job that doesn’t involve teaching students.

Answer #1

NO NOT AT ALL!…..she had hard times in the past most likly….no jobs around…and she needed the money!..thats her past life….i mean fo real!?…its not like shes gunna do it over again…the school distric are just d!ckz now in days!…how could they do that to some1!!:((

Answer #2

The same way they do it to everyone else, apparently it’s because she didn’t disclose that kind of information before she got the job. I wonder if she did, I’d bet it’d be a really sexist environment for her. Then again, they might’ve not even given her the job if she said it. Ugh, I hope I’m just cynical :P

Answer #3

true…but like i said!…its her past….its not like shes gunna gget kids to pay her for sex with kids!…and like u said if she said that they would DEF never give her the job:((….-_- ppl thease days…

Answer #4

children often see teachers as roll models so i can see why they would do it. is it fair? to teh children, yes. to her. no. you always do whats in the best intrest of the child

Answer #5

She’s getting moved to another school, apparently the story keeps changing on the tele. Oh and I don’t think a teacher needs to disclose what she does to her students and still keep the role model image sane and clean.

Answer #6

its not fair. she was struglling and probably still is, and i am sure shes trying to make a difference in her life, unlike most of them

Answer #7

Well she didn’t get fired, just moved but I still don’t think that’s nessecary. I can’t seem to keep up with the story :’(

Answer #8

I believe the teacher should not have been fired. The previous occupation was prior to her becoming a teacher but unfortunately bad news travel fast and this teacher will be tainted everywhere she goes……The suitation is similar to a policewoman, who before she entered the police force used to pose for soft po-rn magazine and once another colleague stumbled on her pictures they gave her hell. She was sacked as her previous professional was in conflict with the image what a “police person” should be……This is going off course, but my parents always told us, be careful what you do when you are young, no matter how much you want to so something, the past will come back to haunt you when you do not want it.

Answer #9

what did teh headline say, prostitute sacked? but how on earth did someone higher up in the chain find out she used to sell her body for money? unless she excepted cash and slept with the headmaster. its a possible point. if the story keep changing who are we spose to belive :S

Answer #10

Do I think it’s fair? Not really…but it is realistic. Imagine what kind of problem the school board would have on their hands when this information became public…parents would have a fit. I know it seems unjust, but it’s true - what you do comes back to haunt you, so choose your course carefully. I’m pretty certain that if Jeremy found out I was a hacker (I never was, for the record), he’d terminate me immediately. People’s jobs are bound to their past experiences…whether we like it or not.

Answer #11

You were a hacker??!!!

Answer #12

lol colleen a hacker XD


Answer #13


Answer #14

NO it’s not fair. Little girls don’t dream of becoming prostitutes. Women don’t want to be prostitutes. They are all struggling and desperate for a variety of reasons. It’s not fair at all, but it sounds like the world today.

Answer #15

If she just wants to move on from here “disrupted” past past then she shouldn’t get fired.And its no fair if everyone knows she once was “on the wild side” cause then parents will be sueing and causing disputes.Her private life should remain private and her privacy should be respected.But on the other hand if she is too open about it and corrupting pupils then she should be fired.

Answer #16

Yes. It sucks but it is part of life. Your history is going to have an effect on your current situation. Parents are not going to react well to that type of information. And, while I am not the judgmental type, I dont entirely blame them. People’s choices do say something about them. Whether they’ve completely changed or not is difficult if not impossible to prove. I believe in second chances. But not all parents see it that way. And you’re right, it is a catch 22, if she’d disclosed prior to being hired, she would never have been hired.

Answer #17

I wouldn’t think that’s even fair, there are teachers who were previously prostitutes and actually did regret being one in the past.

Answer #18


Answer #19

Omg, i wouldnt want to go to school with a prostitute teaching me. idc if its in her past, that would just bother me all year. id be on my guard too much, so yah i dont think they did any wrong when they fired her. she should find a different job

Answer #20

im sorry (laughting hysterically) but prostitution is not an occupation. its illegal.

Answer #21

Hmm, continue laughing and rolling around the floor, just don’t split your pant. :-P Prostitution is not legal in Oz, if you work in a legit brothel and is registered as a legit tax payer and you put on your form you are an escort (providing sex etc), then prostitution is NOT ILLEGAL in Oz…..Underground and curb hookers ARE ILLEGAL. :-) Now you know if you ever visit Oz.

Answer #22

Its not really appropiate for a prostitute to become a teacher. I mean who would want their child being teached by a prostitute?

Answer #23

I think it depends on how bad they were. And if they wear some stuff that doesn’t look to professional then maybe they should. But they should atleast get a chance to show that they have changed or some thing. An if they didn’t, then you should fire them

Answer #24

Prostitution isn’t that bad, she’s obviously tried to turn her life around by getting a teaching education and now she can’t even do that! If she was a serial child rapi$t kill3r then yeah… but a ho0ker? Poor woman.

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