Do face washes(face washes particularly of the brands- everyouth, pond's, olay etc.) really keep their promises?

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Not sure of the promises you mean. But i use neutrogena to take off my makeup at night and i hardly ever get pimples now, and it takes of my makeup really easy. So they keep their promise

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Not necessarily, that is mainly just for advertising. It depends on your skin and the product. I agree with cupkate about neutrogena. I have really dry skin and when I used it it worked brilliantly, i just didn't find it affordable. My dermatologist said that often the cheapest most basic creams work the best. The other stuff is just for window dressing.

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well if you have tons of spots then usually not, but if you have a few, they usually work, but they're only to get rid of dirt and keep your face clean, you cant expect them to work miracles.

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Usually they say it 'helps' prevent breakout which means it doesn't exactly work it just helps a little bit. However, some products are more successful than other products. You just have to see which one suits you best =]

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